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Results and significance of crustal data obtained with active seismic methods

Rinaldo Nicolich (a)

(a) Department of Engineering, University of Trieste, via Valerio 10, 34127 Trieste, Italy. Corresponding email:

DOI: 10.3301/ROL.2015.173   Pages: 44-46


The main results from active seismic prospecting in the Alps revealed the deep structure of the chain. Reflection seismic and wide-angle reflection/refraction methods, complementary in terms of penetration and resolution, can give a complete picture of the whole crust. Receiver functions analysis may confirm the interpretation models and link seismic section to teleseismic traveltimes tomographic images of the velocity distribution within the upper mantle. The active seismic shows that the brittle mantle of the Adria plate behaves as a strong indenter decoupling the European lower crust and Moho from the inner part of the orogen. Crustal scale faults offsetting the Moho characterize the chain with the continental lithosphere of the European plate underthrusting Adria.


Alps, Crustal Structures, Reflection Seismic, Wide Angle Seismic.

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