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TourInStones: application for mobile on ornamental stones of the city of Torino

Francesca Gambino (a), Alessandro Borghi (a), Anna d'Atri (a), Lorenzo Mariano Gallo (b), Luca Ghiraldi (b), Marco Giardino (a), Luca Martire (a), Mauro Palomba (a) & Luigi Perotti (a)

(a) Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Università di Torino, Via Valperga Caluso 35, Torino, Italia. Corresponding author e-mail: (b) Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali di Torino, Via Giolitti 36, 10123 Torino.

DOI: 10.3301/ROL.2017.20   Pages: 81-84


The Piemonte mountains surrounding the city of Torino comprise a wide variety of rocks, characterized by a multitude of minerals, structures and colors. The Alps, for their long and complex history, offer awide variety of ornamental stone used in the town, over the centuries, for both aesthetic and structural reasons. TourInStones is a geo-touristic application for mobile of the center of Torino, where the visitor can find out which of these rocks have been used in palaces and historical monuments, witnesses and tangible symbols of the city. For the geologist, the naturalist, the curious, the student, the tourist, walk around Torino downtown represents a formidable opportunity to step on and observe granites, porphyries, gneisses, marbles and limestones, a rich
collection exhibited in a open-air museum. In the proposed itineraries, you can stop in 25 sites, in each of which you can observe in detail a lot of ornamental stones of historical and scientific interest.


applied petrography, multimedia application, ornamental stones, cultural heritage, Torino.

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