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Volume 31/2014
July 2014

Gerald R. Dickens (a) & Valeria Luciani (b)

CBEP 2014: preface and dedication

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 1-2

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Hemmo A. Abels (a), Chaowen Wang (a, b), Vittoria Lauretano (a), Gabriel J. Bowen (c), Derek Karssenberg (d), Martin Ziegler (a, e), Gaojun Li (f), Peter F. van den Berg (g), Sjors van Broekhuizen (a), Tarek Hopman (a), Jelmer Laks (a), Rieko Adriaens (h), William C. Clyde (i), Jan Elsen (h), Mary J. Kraus (k), Appy Sluijs (a), Noël Vandenberghe (h), Lucas J. Lourens (a) & Philip D. Gingerich (k)

Terrestrial sedimentary archives of episodes of greenhouse warming in ancient river floodplain deposits of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 3-4

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Thierry Adatte (a), Hassan Khozyem (a, b), Jorge E. Spangenberg (c), Bandana Samant (d) & Gerta Keller (e)

Response of terrestrial environment to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), new insights from India and NE Spain

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 5-6

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Claudia Agnini (a, b) & Alice Costa (a)

Calcareous nannofossil changes across the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum from IODP Site U1410 (NW Atlantic): Preliminary results

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 7-8

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Claudia Agnini (a), Eliana Fornaciari (a), Isabella Raffi (b), Rita Catanzariti (c), Heiko Pälike (d), Jan Backman (e) & Domenico Rio (a)

Low to middle latitude Paleogene calcareous nannofossil biozonation and biochronology

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 9-10

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Claudia Agnini (a), Denise K. Kulhanek (b), Claire L. Shepherd (c & d)

Calcareous nannofossil response to climatic changes in the early to middle Eocene

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 11-12

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David Armstrong McKay (a), Toby Tyrrell (a) & Paul A. Wilson (a)

Investigating the evolution of the late Palaeogene carbon cycle using biogeochemical modelling and analysis

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 13-14

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Gabriela de Jesús Arreguín-Rodríguez (a), Laia Alegret (a, b), Ellen Thomas (c & d)

Response of benthic foraminiferal assemblages to early Eocene hyperthermal events

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 15-16

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Gabriela de Jesús Arreguín-Rodríguez (a), Laia Alegret (a & b)

Are agglutinated benthic foraminifera affected by CaCO3 dissolution? Experiments across the Paleocene-Eocene boundary

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 17-18

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Allison A. Baczynski (a), Francesca A. McInerney (b), Scott L. Wing (c) & the BBCP Science Team (d)

n-Alkane PETM records from the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: A core-outcrop comparison

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 19-20

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Marcus P.S. Badger (a, b, c), Joy S. Singarayer (d), Paul J. Valdes (a, b, c), Richard D. Pancost (b & c)

Three dimensional coupled model approaches to terrestrial methane cycling during Paleogene greenhouse climates

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 21-22

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Richard S. Barclay (a) & Scott L. Wing (a)

Increasing atmospheric CO2 prior to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum inferred from stomata of Ginkgo adiantoides, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, USA

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 23-24

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Chaim Benjamini (a) & Nevio Pugliese (b)

Reinstatement of the marginal marine carbonate platform in the earliest Tertiary at Duino, Trieste Karst

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 25-26

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Rehemat Bhatia (a), Bridget S. Wade (a), Wolfgang Müller (b), David Evans (b), David J.R. Thornalley (c) & Bradley N. Opdyke (d)

Geochemical signals in Eocene planktonic foraminifera

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 27-28

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Peter Bijl (a) & Willem Sijp (b)

Is there a causal link between early Eocene opening of the Tasmanian Gateway and the onset of Eocene cooling?

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 29-30

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Peter Bijl (a), Appy Sluijs (a), Stefan Schouten (b), Gerald R. Dickens (c), Chris J. Hollis (d), Richard E. Zeebe (e), James C. Zachos (f), Paolo Stocchi (b), Henk Brinkhuis (a & b)

Significant continental ice volumes on mid-Paleocene Antarctica? Latitudinal temperature gradients, sea level change and the carbon cycle

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 31-32

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Manuela Bordiga (a) & Jorijntje Henderiks (a)

Variations in calcareous nannofossil assemblages during the Eocene-Oligocene transition at mid-latitude: Walvis Ridge ODP Site 1263 (Atlantic Ocean)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 33-34

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André Bornemann (a), Iris Möbius (b, c), Oliver Friedrich (b, c), Paul A. Wilson (d) & Diederik Liebrand (d)

The end of the Paleogene – A new surface-water temperature record for the Oligocene-Miocene Transition from the western Atlantic (IODP Site U1405)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 35

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Flavia Boscolo Galazzo (a), Ellen Thomas (b, c), Mark Pagani (b), Courtney Warren (b), Luca Giusberti (a) & Valeria Luciani (d)

Warming, pelagic food webs and deep-sea biota during the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum in the SE Atlantic (ODP Site 1263)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 36-37

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Adele J. Cameron (a), Philip F. Sexton (a), Pallavi Anand (a), Manuela A. Fehr (a, b) & Howie D. Scher (c)

Strengthening of North Atlantic deep water production from the Norwegian-Greenland Sea at onset of the Eocene cooling trend

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 38-39

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Amy Chew (a)

Mammal faunal response to the ETM2 and H2 hyperthermals

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 40-41

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William C. Clyde (a),?? Philip D. Gingerich?? (b), Scott L. Wing (c) & the BBCP Science Team (d)

Bighorn Basin Coring Project (BBCP): An IODP-Style Continental Coring Project Investigating Early Paleogene Hyperthermals

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 42-43

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Stjepan ?ori? (a)

Climatic and environmental changes in the Paratethys during Oligocene traced by changes in calcareous nannoplankton assemblages (Molasse Basin, Austria and Kamchia Depression, Bulgaria)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 44-45

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Stjepan ?ori? (a) & Josip Beni? (b)

First evidence of the Palaeogene age of the Bosnian Flysch Unit (Dinarides, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 46-47

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Helen Coxall (a), Caroline Lear (b), Jan Backman (a), Matt O’Regan (a), Claire Huck (c), Tina van De Flierdt (c), Kasia K. Sliwinska (d, e) & James C. Zachos (f)

Strengthening of North Atlantic deep-water production pre-dates onset of Antarctic glaciation

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 48-49

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Edoardo Dallanave (a), Valerian Bachtadse (a), Claudia Agnini (b), Giovanni Muttoni (c), Christopher J. Hollis (d), Benjamin R. Hines (d), Hugh E.G. Morgans (d), C. Percy Strong (d), Lisa Tauxe (e) & James S. Crampton (d)

Early–middle Eocene magneto-biochronology of the Southern Pacific Ocean: new data from the South Island of New Zealand

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 50-51

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Abigail R. D’Ambrosia (a), William C. Clyde (a), Henry C. Fricke (b) & Philip D. Gingerich (c)

Repetitive mammalian dwarfism associated with early Eocene carbon cycle perturbations

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 52-53

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Alex Dawson (a), Stephen Grimes (a), Michael Ellis (b), Robert Duller (c), Matthew Watkinson (a), Martin Stokes (a) & Melanie J. Leng (b)

Initial paleohydrological observations from the Paleocene-Eocene boundary at Esplugafreda and Berganuy in northern Spain

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 54-55

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Arne Deprez (a), Sofie Jehle (b), André Bornemann(b, c) & Robert P. Speijer (a)

Stable isotope and benthic foraminiferal records of the Latest Danian Event at ODP Site 1262 (Walvis Ridge)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 56-57

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Arne Deprez (a), Steven Tesseur (a), Peter Stassen (a), Simon D’haenens (a), Etienne Steurbaut (a, b), Christopher King (c), Philippe Claeys (d) & Robert P. Speijer (a)

Benthic foraminiferal and isotopic patterns during the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum (Aktulagay section, Kazakhstan)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 58-59

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Simon D’haenens (a), André Bornemann (b, c) & Robert P. Speijer (a)

Deep-sea benthic foraminiferal turnovers in the early Eocene: The role of the PETM and ETM2

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 60-61

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Gerald R. Dickens (a), Cin-ty A. Lee (a) & CIA Operatives (b)

Continental - island arc fluctuations through time and the Eocene transition from a greenhouse to an icehouse world

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 62-63

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Jaume Dinarès-Turell (a), Thomas Westerhold (b), Victoriano Pujalte (c), Ursula Röhl (b) & Dick Kroon (d)

Astronomical calibration of the Danian Stage (Early Paleocene) revisited: settling chronologies across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 64-65

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Roberta D’Onofrio (a), Valeria Luciani (a) Luca Giusberti (b), Eliana Fornaciari (b) & Mario Sprovieri (c)

Tethyan planktic foraminiferal record of the early Eocene hyperthermal events ETM2, H2 and I1 (Terche section, northeastern Italy)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 66-67

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Christian Dupuis (a), Florence Quesnel (b, c) & Jean-Marc Baele (a)

PETM related paleoweathering on the southern margins of the North Sea Basin. Examples from the Mons Basin (Belgium) and the Dieppe-Hampshire Basin (Normandy, France)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 68-69

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Kirsty M. Edgar (a, b) & Pincelli M. Hull (c)

Spatial variability of environmental change and the magnitude of biotic responses of planktic foraminifera across the PETM

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 70

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David Evans (a), Wolfgang Müller (a), Jonathan Erez (b), Willem Renema (c), Bridget S.Wade (d) & Martin Ziegler (e)

Quantitative ocean temperatures from foraminifera Mg/Ca over the Eocene-Oligocene transition

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 71-72

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Juliane Fenner (a)

First find of a late Paleocene biraphid diatom: implications for models of diatom evolution

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 73-74

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Isabel S. Fenton (a, b), Paul N. Pearson (c), Tom Dunkley-Jones (d), Andy Purvis (a & b)

Onset of Eocene diversity gradients in macroperforate planktonic foraminifera

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 75

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Chiara Fioroni (a), Giuliana Villa (b) & Davide Persico (b)

Middle Eocene–Lower Oligocene biostratigraphy and paleoceanography of the Western Equatorial Indian Ocean based on Calcareous Nannofossils, ODP Site 711

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 76-77

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Joost Frieling (a), Holger Gebhardt (b), Olujide A. Adekeye (c), Samuel. O. Akande (c), Gert-Jan Reichart (a, d), Jack J. Middelburg (a), Stephan Schouten (a, d) & Appy Sluijs (a)

The Paleocene – Eocene Thermal Maximum: temperature and ecology in the tropics

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 78

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Viviana Frisone (a, b), Andrzej Pisera (c) & Nereo Preto (b)

Siliceous sponges (Porifera: Hexactinellida, Demospongiae) from Chiampo Valley (Eocene, Lessini Mts, northern Italy): taxonomy, taphonomy and paleoecology

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 79-80

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Simone Galeotti (a) & Matteo Moretti (a)

Orbital Forcing of Early Eocene dissolution events and Carbon Isotope Excursions from the Contessa Road-Bottaccione composite section (Gubbio, central Italy)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 81-82

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Julie Ghirardi (a, b), Jérémy Jacob (a), Arnaud Huguet (c), Hugues Bauer (b), Claude Le Milbeau (a), Jean-Jacques Chateauneuf (d), Christian Di Giovanni(a), Florence Quesnel (a & b)

A unique high resolution lacustrine record of climate and vegetation changes during the EOT. The CDB1 core, Rennes Basin, France

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 83-84

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Yury B. Gladenkov (a)

Biotic evolution in the North Pacific shelf zones during the Paleogene

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 85-86

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Andrey Yu. Gladenkov (a)

New observations on Eocene diatoms from the Kamchatka region, Russian Far East

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 87-88

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Sarah E. Greene (a), Andy Ridgwell (a), Daniela N. Schmidt (b), Sandra Kirtland Turner (a), Heiko Pälike (c) & Ellen Thomas (d)

Long-Term Behavior of the Carbonate Compensation Depth Across Early Paleogene Warming

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 89-90

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Rosanna Greenop (a), Gavin L. Foster (a), Paul A. Wilson (a), Sindia M. Sosdian (b) & Caroline H. Lear (b)

The Relationship between ice volume and CO2 across the Oligocene-Miocene boundary

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 91-92

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Chaima Grira (a), Narjess Karoui-Yaakoub (a, b), Moncef-Saïd Mtimet (a) & Wafa Guesmi (a)

Biostratigraphy of the Lutetian/Bartonian Boundary in the North of Tunisia

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 93-94

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Guy J. Harrington (a, b), Phillip E. Jardine (c), Scott L. Wing (d) & the BBCP Science Team (e)

Bighorn Basin Coring Project (BBCP): Pollen floral changes and organic matter from core - outcrop comparisons through the PETM

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 95-96

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Claus Heilmann-Clausen (a)

Possible varves in the PETM interval in Denmark

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 97-98

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Claus Heilmann-Clausen (a), Bo Pagh Schultz (b), Claus Beyer (c), Henrik Friis (a), Petra L. Schoon (d) & Christian Tegner (a)

New evidence for NE Atlantic pre-PETM volcanism

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 99-100

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Michael J. Henehan (a), Kirsty M. Edgar (b), Gavin L. Foster (c), Paul A. Pearson (d), Eleni Anagnostou (c) & Pincelli M. Hull (a)

Using boron isotopes to characterise past carbon cycle perturbations: the case of the MECO

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 101-102

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Morana Hernitz Kucenjak (a), Vlasta Premec Fucek (a), Brian T. Huber (b) & Bridget S. Wade (c)

The test size and abundance variations in planktonic foraminifera Chiloguembelina cubensis and C. ototara as response to climatic events in the Oligocene

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 103-104

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Christa-Ch. Hofmann (a) & Hans Egger (b)

Fossil Laurelia pollen (Atherospermataceae) from lower Eocene sediments of the Krappfeld (Austria)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 105-106

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Christa-Ch. Hofmann (a) & Chris King (b)

New LM and SEM investigations of pollen and spores from the Brixton drillcores (lowermost Eocene, England)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 107-108

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Christopher J. Hollis (a), Kristina M. Pascher (a, b), Benjamin R. Hines (b), Kate Littler (c, d), Denise K. Kulhanek (e), C. Percy Strong (a), James C. Zachos (c), Stephen M. Eggins (f) & Andy Phillips (a)

Was the Early Eocene ocean unbearably warm or are the proxies unbelievably wrong?

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 109-110

Full Text

Jerry J. Hooker (a)

Faunal succession, local correlation and isotopes push the Mammalian Dispersal Event in NW Europe into the cooler latest Paleocene

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 111-112

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Claire E. Huck (a), Tina van de Flierdt (a), Steven M. Bohaty (b) & Sam Hammond (c)

Seawater neodymium isotope record of Antarctic climate instability during the termination of the Early Eocene Greenhouse

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 113-114

Full Text

Alina I. Iakovleva (a), Florence Quesnel (b, c), Christine Fléhoc (d) & Christian Dupuis (e)

Rejuvenating the Paris Basin stratigraphy using “lost” drillings: the δ 13Corg calibration of Upper Thanetian to Lower Ypresian dinocyst events succession

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 117-118

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Carlos Jaramillo (a) & Andres Cardenas (a)

Expansion of Neotropical Forests during Paleogene Global Warming

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 119

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Sofie Jehle (a), André Bornemann (a, c), Arne Deprez (b) & Robert P. Speijer (b)

Paleoceanographic reconstruction of the Latest Danian Event at ODP Site 1210 (Shatsky Rise, Pacific Ocean)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 120

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Suzanne M. Jennions (a), Ellen Thomas (b, c), Daniela N.Schmidt (a), Andy Ridgwell (d) & Daniel J. Lunt (d)

Eocene Thermal Maximum 2: benthic ecosystems and ocean circulation in the SE Atlantic Ocean

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 121-122

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Hassan Khozyem (a, b), Thierry Adatte (a), Jorge E. Spangenberg (c), Abdel Aziz Tantawy (b) & Gerta Keller (d)

Toward a better understanding of Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: A multidisciplinary record from Dababiya GSSP, Luxor, Egypt

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 123-124

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Chris King (a)

A high-resolution record of depositional sequences in the PETM in the southern North Sea Basin (NW Europe)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 125-126

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Sandra Kirtland Turner (a), Sarah E. Greene (a) & Andy Ridgwell (a)

An Earth system model evaluation of carbon emissions across Paleocene hyperthermals vs. the PETM

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 127

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Sandra Kirtland Turner (a, b), Philip F. Sexton (c), Chris D. Charles (b) & Richard D. Norris (b)

Regularity of Palaeogene hyperthermals inconsistent with a temperature threshold for carbon release

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 128

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Wendy E.C. Kordesch (a), Steven M. Bohaty (a), Heiko Pälike (b), Thomas Westerhold (b), Ursula Röhl (b), Kirsty M. Edgar (c) & Paul A. Wilson (a)

Carbonate dissolution in the deep equatorial Atlantic during the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 129

Full Text

Wendy E.C. Kordesch (a), Steven M. Bohaty (a), Heiko Pälike (b), Kirsty M. Edgar (c) & Paul A. Wilson (a)

Evidence for the magnetochron C19r hyperthermal event in the northwest Atlantic Ocean: IODP Exp. 342, Site U1408

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 130

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Srinath Krishnan (a), Matthew Huber (b) & Mark Pagani (a)

Compilation of hydrogen isotopic compositions of leaf wax biomarker records across the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 131-132

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Lutz Kunzmann (a), Zlatko Kvacek (b), Vasilis Teodoridis (c) & Karolin Moraweck (a)

Tracing terrestrial palaeoclimatic changes - vegetation dynamics of riparian forest in central Europe during late Palaeogene

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 133-134

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Vittoria Lauretano (a), James C. Zachos (b) & Lucas J. Lourens (a)

High-resolution benthic stable isotope records from ODP Site 1263 in the Southern Atlantic encompassing early Eocene warming events

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 135-136

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Caroline H. Lear (a), Paul A. Wilson (b) & Diederik Liebrand (b)

The Oligocene-Miocene Transient Glaciation: Insights from IODP Expedition 342

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 137-138

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Daphne E. Lee (a), R. Ewan Fordyce (a), John Conran (b), Tammo Reichgelt (a), Bethany Fox (c) & Elizabeth M. Kennedy (d)

Biological stability during maximum marine transgression: the Paleogene - Neogene transition in New Zealand

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 139-140

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Andrew D. Leighton (a), Malcolm B. Hart (a), Christopher W. Smart (a), Matt Hampton (b) & Melanie J. Leng (c)

Possible hyperthermal events (Dan-C2 and Lower 29n) in the lowermost Paleocene of the Brazos River area, Texas

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 141-142

Full Text

Kate Littler (a), Melanie Leng (b), Claudia Agnini (c), James C. Zachos (d), Thomas Westerhold (e) & Ursula Röhl (e)

A new age model for the late Paleocene at ODP Site 1263, Walvis Ridge: new stable isotope and calcareous nannofossil data

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 143-144

Full Text

Valeria Luciani (a), Luca Giusberti (b), Eliana Fornaciari (b), Domenico Rio (b), Roberta D’Onofrio (a) & Jan Backman (c)

Deterioration of symbiont-bearing morozovellid (planktic foraminifera) habitat recorded within the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum: evidence from the Tethys and sub-tropical Atlantic Ocean

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 145-146

Full Text

Hayley R. Manners (a, b), Stephen T. Grimes (a), Paul A. Sutton (a), Tom Dunkley-Jones (c), Richard D. Pancost (d), Melanie J. Leng (e), Phillip Jardine (f), Laura Domingo (g, h, i), Malcolm B. Hart (a) & Nieves Lopez-Martinez (†)

A Multi-Proxy Study of the PETM at the Zumaia Section, northern Spain

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 147-148

Full Text

Francesco Miniati (a), Simonetta Monechi (a) & Carlotta Cappelli (a)

The Late Danian Event at Site 1209: a rapid diversification of calcareous nannofossils

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 149-150

Full Text

Iris Moebius (a, b), Oliver Friedrich (a, b), Kirsty M. Edgar (c) & Phil F. Sexton (d)

Global increase in export productivity during the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO)?

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 151-152

Full Text

Karolin Moraweck (a), Michaela Grein (b), Wilfried Konrad (c), Johanna Kovar-Eder (d), Lutz Kunzmann (a), Ji?i Kva?ek (e), Christoph Neinhuis (f), Anita Roth-Nebelsick (d), Madeleine Streubig (a) & Christopher Traiser (d)

How does leaf morphology reflect palaeoclimate conditions? A quantitative approach tracing terrestrial climate conditions during the Palaeogene

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 153-154

Full Text

Cherry Newsam (a) & Paul R. Bown (a)

Calcareous nannoplankton response at the culmination of the Paleogene greenhouse world

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 155-156

Full Text

Bradley N. Opdyke (a), Anna M. Haiblen (a) Andrew P. Roberts (a) & Paul A. Wilson (b)

High-resolution paleotemperature record of the surface ocean from the Eocene-Oligocene boundary of the South Australian Coast

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 157-158

Full Text

Silvia Ortiz (a), Aitor Payros (b), Isabel Millán (c), Javier Arostegui (d), Xabier Orue-Etxebarria (b) & Estibaliz Apellaniz (b)

The Early Eocene Climatic Optimum: chronological constraints and environmental impact at the North Iberian continental margin

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 159-160

Full Text

Xabier Orue-Etxebarria (a), Aitor Payros (a), Fernando Caballero (a), Estibaliz Apellaniz (a), Victoriano Pujalte (a) & Silvia Ortiz (b)

Morozovella gorrondatxensis vs Morozovella crater: taxonomy and biostratigraphic significance

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 161-162

Full Text

Cesare Andrea Papazzoni (a), Alessandro Vescogni (a), Francesca Bosellini (a), Luca Giusberti (b), Guido Roghi (c) & Stefano Dominici (d)

First evidence of coral bioconstructions in the Monte Postale succession (Lower Eocene of Lessini Mts., Veneto, northern Italy)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 163-164

Full Text

Cesare Andrea Papazzoni (a), Alessandra Moretti (a), Valeria Luciani (b), Eliana Fornaciari (c) & Luca Giusberti (c)

The Varignano section (Trento Province, northern Italy): a chance to correlate shallow benthic zones and calcareous plankton zones near the Bartonian–Priabonian boundary

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 165-166

Full Text

Kristina M. Pascher (a, b), Christopher J. Hollis (a), Robert M. McKay (b) & Giuseppe Cortese (a)

Southern Ocean endemism evident in Late Eocene radiolarian assemblages, DSDP Site 277, Campbell Plateau (New Zealand)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 167-168

Full Text

Aitor Payros (a) & Naroa Martinez-Braceras (a)

Astronomically driven short-term climate change, a factor controlling Eocene turbidite accumulation

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 169-170

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Paul N. Pearson (a), Eleanor H. John (a), Jamie D. Wilson (a) & Andy Ridgwell (c)

Testing the metabolic hypothesis: temperature-dependent carbon cycling in the Eocene oceans

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 171-172

Full Text

Donald E. Penman (a), Barbel Hönisch (b), Ellen Thomas (c), Richard E. Zeebe (d), D. Clay Kelly (e) & James C. Zachos (a)

Boron proxy constraints on the magnitude of surface ocean acidification during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 173-174

Full Text

Piret Plink-Björklund (a), Lauren Birgeneier (b) & Evan Jones (a)

Extremely bad early Eocene weather: Evidence for extreme precipitation from rived deposits

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 175-176

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Victoriano Pujalte (a), Juan Ignacio Baceta (a) & Birger Schmitz (b)

Input of coarse-grained siliciclastics into the Pyrenean Basin during the PETM (1): overview

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 177-178

Full Text

Victoriano Pujalte (a), Alejandro Robador (b), Aitor Payros (a) & Josep María Samsó (c)

Input of coarse-grained siliciclastics into the Pyrenean Basin during the PETM (2): a river-dominated fan delta within a carbonate platform system

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 179-180

Full Text

Victoriano Pujalte (a), Xabier Orue-Etxebarria (a), Estibaliz Apellaniz (a), Fernando Caballero (a), Simonetta Monechi (b), Silvia Ortiz (c) & Birger Schmitz (d)

A prospective Early Late Paleocene event (ELPE) from the expanded Río Gor hemipelagic section (Betic Cordillera, southern Spain): foraminifera, nannofossil and isotopic data

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 181-182

Full Text

Florence Quesnel (a, b), Jean-Yves Storme (c), Emile Roche (c), Alina Iakovleva (d), Pieter Missiaen (e), Thierry Smith (f),Chantal Bourdillon (g), Jean-Marc Baele (h), Johan Yans (i), Johann Schnyder (j), Paola Iacumin (k), Christine Fléhoc (l) & Christian Dupuis (h)

An unexpected record of the PETM in terrestrial and organic sediments of Avesnois, between the Paris and Belgian Basins, NW Europe

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 183-184

Full Text

Marci M. Robinson (a), Jean M. Self-Trail (a), Gregory A. Wandless (b) & Debra A. Willard (a)

A Paleocene Pre-onset Carbon Isotope Excursion Recorded in the Shallow Marine Environment of Southern Maryland (USA)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 185-186

Full Text

Brittany E. Robson (a), Margaret E. Collinson (a), Walter Riegel (b), Volker Wilde (c), Andrew C. Scott (a) & Richard D. Pancost (d)

A record of fire through the Early Eocene

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 187-188

Full Text

Megan Rohrssen (a), Alice Charteris (a), Gordon N. Inglis (a), Danielle Grogan (b), Richard D. Pancost (a) & Jessica H. Whiteside (c)

An organic geochemical investigation of organic matter sources and carbon cycling within Eocene Lake Uinta, Parachute Creek Member, Green River Formation, Uinta Basin

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 189-190

Full Text

Howie D. Scher (a)

Stacking PEAT; A stacked Nd isotope record for the Paleogene equatorial Pacific

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 191-192

Full Text

Howie D. Scher (a)

Deep water composition and water mass mixing in the Paleogene North Atlantic; Results from the Newfoundland ridges

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 193-194

Full Text

Jean M. Self-Trail (a), Marci M. Robinson (a), Debra A. Willard (a), Timothy J. Bralower (b), Lucy E. Edwards (a), David S. Powars (a), Greg A. Wandless (c), Katherine H. Freeman (b) & Elizabeth Denis (b)

Comparison between two middle to outer neritic PETM sections: South Dover Bridge and Mattawoman Creek Billingsley Road cores, Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain, USA

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 195-196

Full Text

Claire L. Shepherd (a, b), Denise K. Kulhanek (c) & Christopher J. Hollis (b)

Eocene nannofossil biostratigraphy of the mid-Waipara river section, Canterbury Basin, New Zealand: preliminary results

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 197-198

Full Text

Rosie M. Sheward (a), Samantha J. Gibbs (a), Paul R. Bown (b), Alex J. Poulton (c), Chris J. Daniels (a), David Higgins (a) & Paul A. Wilson (a)

Cell geometry records the physiological responses of coccolithophores to Paleogene climate change

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 199-200

Full Text

Benjamin S. Slotnick (a), Gerald R. Dickens (a), Chris J. Hollis (b), James S. Crampton (b), C. Percy Strong (b) & James C. Zachos (c)

Extending lithologic and stable carbon isotope records at Mead Stream (New Zealand) through the Middle Eocene

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 201-202

Full Text

Richard E. Smith (a), Ursula Röhl (b), Thomas Westerhold (b), Steve M. Bohaty (a) & Paul A. Wilson (a)

Sub-orbital climate variability in the Late Oligocene North Atlantic Ocean

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 203

Full Text

Kathryn E. Snell (a), Henry C. Fricke (b), William C. Clyde (c) & John M. Eiler (a)

Large temperature changes on land during Early Eocene hyperthermals

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 204-205

Full Text

Robert P. Speijer (a)

Scrutinizing data on climatic and biotic events of the Paleogene

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 206-207

Full Text

James F. Spray (a), Paul A. Wilson (a), Steve M. Bohaty (a) & Ian Bailey (b)

Possible evidence of ice-rafting in the North Atlantic across the Eocene-Oligocene Transition: Preliminary findings from the Newfoundland Margin

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 208

Full Text

Peter Stassen (a, b), Robert P. Speijer (a), Xavier Devleeschouwer (b), Hemmo A. Abels (c), Chris King (d), Willy Willems (e, †), Etienne Steurbaut (a & b)

Eocene hyperthermals in the North Sea Basin: a Belgian Ypresian perspective

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 209-210

Full Text

Paolo Stocchi (a), Simone Galeotti (b), Jean-Baptiste Ladant (c), Edward Gasson (d), Robert M. DeConto (d), David Pollard (e), Maria Rugenstein (f), Bert L.A.Vermeersen (a) & Henk Brinkhuis (a)

Implacement and fluctuations of the Antarctic Ice Sheet across the Eocene-Oligocene transition

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 211-212

Full Text

Kristalina Stoykova (a)

The Paleocene-Eocene transition in Bulgaria: inference from calcareous nannofossils

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 213-214

Full Text

Deborah J. Thomas (a)

Early Paleogene Pacific Deep-water Lead Isotope Variations – Implications for the Evolution of Water Mass Composition

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 215-216

Full Text

Daan Vanhove (a, b), Robert P. Speijer (a), Etienne Steurbaut (a, b), Philippe Claeys (c) & Linda Ivany (d)

Temperature, seasonality and salinity history of the early Eocene North Sea Basin inferred from fish otoliths and mollusks

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 217-218

Full Text

Johan Vellekoop (a), Jan Smit (b), Selen Esmeray (c), Kenneth G. Miller (c), James V. Browning (c), Bas Van De Schootbrugge (a), Jaap S. Sinnighe-Damsté (d, e) & Henk Brinkhuis (a)

Unravelling volcanism and impact related environmental change in the latest Maastrichtian and early Danian

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 219-220

Full Text

Giuliana Villa (a), Chiara Fioroni (b), Davide Persico (a), Andrew P. Roberts (c) & Fabio Florindo (d)

Antarctic glacial history and Southern Ocean productivity during the Middle Eocene - Late Oligocene

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 221-222

Full Text

Ronald Vonk (a)

Ypresian isopod crustaceans from Monte Bolca and Monte Postale (Italy)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 223-224

Full Text

Thomas Westerhold (a), Ursula Röhl (a), James C. Zachos (b) & Jaume Dinare?s-Turell (c)

Status and perspectives integrating marine and terrestrial archives

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 225

Full Text

Lineke Woelders (a), Appy Sluijs (b) & Peter Bijl (b)

Climate and oceanography of the Tasmanian Gateway during the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum (MECO)

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 226-227

Full Text

Lineke Woelders (a), Robert Speijer (a) & Philippe Claeys (b)

Benthic foraminiferal, sea level and climate change across the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary at Brazos River, Texas

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 228-229

Full Text

Johan Yans (a), László Kocsis (b), Emmanuel Gheerbrant (c), M’Barek Amaghzaz (d), Baadi Bouya (d), Henri Cappetta (e), Paola Iacumin (f), Mustapha Mouflih (g), Omar Selloum (d), Sevket Sen (c), Corentin Noiret (a), Jean-Yves Storme (a & h)

Chemostratigraphy (δ13Corg, δ13Cinorg, δ18OPO4) of the phosphate series from the Ouled Abdoun Basin, Morocco: constraints and significance for earliest known African placental mammals

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 230-231

Full Text

James C. Zachos (a)

Paleogene Climate, Biota, and the Carbon Cycle: Progress and Promise

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 232-233

Full Text

Qinghai Zhang (a, b), Xiaoxia Xu (a), Helmut Willems (a), Lin Ding (b), Xiaolei Liu (c) & Kai-Uwe Hinrichs (c)

Stepped carbon isotope excursion during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum triggered initially by volcanic CO2 emission

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 234-235

Full Text

Xiaoli Zhou (a), Ellen Thomas (b, c), Rosalind E.M. Rickaby (d), Arne Winguth (e) & Zunli Lu (a)

I/CA in Planktic Foraminifera: Evidence for upper ocean deoxygenation during the Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 236-237

Full Text



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