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Supplemento n. 1 al Vol. 31/2014
Edited by: B. Cesare, E. Erba, B. Carmina, L. Fascio, F.M. Petti, A. Zuccari.
September 2014
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Plenary lectures

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 1-8

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Convenors: Camerlenghi A. (*), Ligi M. (**) & Raffi I. (***)

Sessione S1. Holes in the Bottom of the Sea: discoveries and challenges in marine geology

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 9-29

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Convenors: Balini M. (*), Sprovieri M. (**) & Villa I. (***)

Sessione S2. Geological timescales

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 30-49

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Convenors: Angiolini L. (*) & Cirilli S. (**)

Sessione S3. Geological causes and consequences of Life evolution on Earth: the paleontological record of igneous/tectonic events

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 50-63

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Convenors: Villa G. (*), Frezzotti M. (**), Rebesco M. (***) & Talarico F. (°)

Sessione S4. Geoscience frontiers: the role of Polar Regions in Global change

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 64-79

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Convenors: Galeotti S., Provenzale A. & Smiraglia C.

Sessione S5. Climate change and the Earth System: understanding the past, analyzing the present and predicting future scenarios

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 80-122

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Convenors: Jadoul F. (*), Borromeo O. (**) & Parente M. (***)

Sessione S6. Understanding carbonate sedimentary systems and diagenesis: new concepts and innovative approaches

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 123-143

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Convenors: Caruso A. (*) & Di Stefano A. (**)

Sessione S7. Evaporite basins: facies, diagenesis and sequences

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 144-151

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Convenors: Davoli G. (*), Di Giulio A. (**) & Tropeano M. (***)

Sessione S8. Stratigraphic architecture and sedimentary basin evolution: controlling factors and implications for geo-resources exploration and exploitation

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 152-180

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Convenors: Amorosi A. (*), Andreucci S. (**) & Pagliarulo R. (***)

Sessione S9. Coastal environments: stratigraphy, resources and human impact

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 181-193

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Convenors: Cruciani G. (*), Gaggero L. (**) & Cappelletti P. (***)

Sessione S10. Geomaterials and their likes: from Nature to technology and manufacturing

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 194-236

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Convenors: Barone G. (*), Benvenuti M. (**) & Maritan L. (***)

Sessione S11. Archaeometry and Cultural Heritage: the contribution of Geosciences

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 237-280

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Convenors: Belmonte D. (*), Nestola F. (**) & Prencipe M. (***)

Sessione S12. Looking inside the planet Earth: Experimental and Computational Methods in Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 281-301

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Convenors: Ciriotti M.E. (*), Demartin F. (**) & Pasero M. (***)

Sessione S13. New Minerals: The role played by the Italian Community - A tribute to Carlo Maria Gramaccioli

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 302-316

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Convenors: Costagliola P. (*) & Frau F. (**)

Sessione S14. Human activities and natural environment: News from Environmental Mineralogy and Geochemistry

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 317-335

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Convenors: Scandale E. (*) & Prosperi L. (**)

Sessione S15. Gemstones: from Nature to marketing

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 336-354

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Convenors: Andreozzi G. (*), Fumagalli P. (**) & Scordari F. (***)

Sessione S16. Rock-forming minerals and their bearing to petrogenetic processes

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 355-377

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Convenors: Chiari M. (*), Marroni M. (**) & Tribuzio R. (***)

Sessione S17. The oceanic lithosphere: formation, evolution and fate

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 378-401

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Convenors: Dallai L. (*), Frondini F. (**) & Tumiati S. (***)

Sessione S18. The geological cycle of C and Earth degassing: what do we (really) know?

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 402-417

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Convenors: Bartoli O. (*) & Malaspina N. (**)

Sessione S19. Fluids in the Earth?s crust and Mantle

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 418-432

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Convenors: Lustrino M. (*) & Rossetti F. (**)

Sessione S20. Magmatism and Geodynamics of the Mediterranean area

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 433-453

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Convenors: Scambelluri M. (*), Groppo C. (**) & Ortolano G. (***)

Sessione S21. The role of metamorphic petrology in understanding Earth evolution, mass transfer and orogenic processes. A tribute to Bruno Lombardo

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 454-486

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Convenors: De Natale G. (*) & Viccaro M. (**)

Sessione S22. Volcano laboratories: where geology, geophysics and geochemistry gather together

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 487-502

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Convenors: Tonarini S. (*) & Avanzinelli R. (**)

Sessione S23. Tracing isotopes for tracking processes: advances in radiogenic and stable isotope geochemistry

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 503-516

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Convenors: Martelli L. (*), Sandri L. (**) & Selva J. (**)

Sessione S24. Geological risks and geomorphic processes in the Mediterranean area

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 517-539

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Convenors: De Franco R. (*), Frattini P. (**), Gargini A. (***), Petitta M. (°) & Tallini M. (°°)

Sessione S25. Characterization, modeling and remediation of groundwater resources and contaminated sites

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 540-566

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Convenors: Zaccone A. (*), Chiesa S. (**), Quattrocchi F. (***) & Galgaro A. (°)

Sessione S26. Energy and earth resources: geology between renewable, sustainable and conventional energy sources

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 567-582

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Convenors: Mancini L. (*), Spiess R. (**), Viti C. (***) & Zucali M. (°)

Sessione S27. Microstructures: characterization, interpretation and modeling as a key to deformation and reaction mechanisms, and technological processes

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 583-593

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Convenors: Monaco C. (*), Michetti A.M. (**) & Sabadini R. (***)

Sessione S28. Active tectonics and seismic potential of the Mediterranean region

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 594-631

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Convenors: Bistacchi A. (*) & Collettini C. (**)

Sessione S29. Fault Zones: geometry, architecture, composition, fluid-rock interactions, and their seismic vs. aseismic behavior

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 632-649

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Convenors: Catalano S. (*), D?Ambrogi C. (**), Zanchetta S. (***), Wasowski J. (°), Tamburini A. (°°) & Corsini A. (°°°)

Sessione S30. Field mapping, remote sensing and geomatics: modern tools for the construction and quantitative analysis of geological model in Italy and the Mediterranean region

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 650-675

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Convenors: Capponi G. (*), Malusą M. (**) & Prosser G. (***)

Sessione S31. Geodynamics of the Alpine orogenic systems: from surface processes to deep dynamics

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 676-690

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Convenors: Corti G. (*), Marotta A.M. (**) & Storti F. (***)

Sessione S32. Geodynamic modeling at different structural levels: comparison between natural data and model predictions

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 691-706

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Convenors: Massironi M. (*), Fioretti A.M. (**), Prondelli M. (***) & De Blasio F. (°)

Sessione S33. Planetary Geology: frontiers of geological exploration, modeling and understanding

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 707-735

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Convenors: Barchi M.R. (*), Corrado S. (**) & Magistroni C. (***)

Sessione S34. Structural geology studies in extensional and compressional plate tectonic settings: petroleum geology implications

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 736-750

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Convenors: Cesare B. (*) & Erba E. (**)

Sessione S35. Poster - Open Session

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 751-780

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Convenors: Musacchio G. (*) & Piangiamore G.L. (*)

Sessione S36. Poster - Geoscience outreach: a challenge to be faced

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 781-797

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Convenors: Occhipinti S. (*), Pagani F. (*), Paris E. (**) & Pelfini M. (***)

Sessione S37. Poster - Le geoscienze a scuola

Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 798-816

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Garde A.A. (1) & Boriani A. (2)


Volume: 31/2014      Pages: 817-818

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