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Supplemento n. 1 al Vol. 30/2014
Edited by: E. Sacchi
Roma, Aprile 2014
April 2014

Klaus Berkefeld1, Etienne De Meijer2 & Christina Staginnus1

Identifying Cannabis - Can Microscopy be More Exciting than a PCR Reaction?

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 7

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Andrea Berti1, Saverio Giampaoli2, Vincenzo Romano Spica2 & Luigi Ripani1

Genetic Approaches to Forensic Non-Human DNA Analysis

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 8

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Lorna Dawson1

Soil: a Valuable Trace Material for Intelligence and Evidence. Examples from the James Hutton Institute, UK

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 9

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Lorna Dawson1

Research Into the Use of Soil Microbial Characterisation in Forensic Case Work: MiSAFE an EU Funded Collaborative Research Project

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 10

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Luisa Garofalo1, Rita Fanelli1, Rosario Fico2 & Rita Lorenzini1

When Animal and Human Forensics Meet: a Panel of Canine DNA Markers Usually Employed in Wildlife Forensics Applied to a Death Case of a Man

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 11

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Olga Gradusova1, Marina Peleneva1 & Ekaterina Nesterina1

The Atlas of Extraneous Particles or Inclusions in Soils in Aid of Soil Forensic Experts

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 12

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Marek Kotrlý1, 2 & Ivana Turková1

Analysis of Pedological Traces in the Institute of Criminalistics Prague

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 13

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André R. Marolf1, Torsten W. Vennemann2, Jeanne Bonzon3 & Geneviève Massonnet1

Forensic Geology: Characterisation of Light Element Stable Isotopes in Soil Samples of the Swiss Plateau

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 14

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Maria Alejandra Perotti1

ENFSI-APST Whitepaper Draft: Mid and Long Term Needs for Animal, Plant and Soil Traces Analyses

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 15

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Frank Reckel1

Home Run for Castanopsis - Wood Identification in a Baseball Bat

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 16

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Uwe Schleenbecker1

Case Report: DNA Analysis of a Bark Fragment Isolated from the Skull of a Victim

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 17

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Ulrike Schlesinger1

1st ENFSI Animal, Plant and Soil Traces Working Group Proficiency Test “Soil Investigation 2013”

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 18

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Ildikô Szelecz1, 2, Jens Amendt1, Franziska Sorge1, 2, Christophe Seppey2, Matthieu Mulot2 & Edward A.D. Mitchell2

Soil Beneath Cadavers - Influence of Decomposition on Selected Chemical Markers and Free-living Terrestrial Nematodes

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 19

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Ursula Thieven1

Microscopic Identification of Digitalis Plant Material: A Brief Case Report

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 20

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Monique Wesselink1 & Irene Kuiper1

Collaborative Exercise on Dog DNA

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 21

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Zsolt Ujvári1 & Csaba Bozó1

Current Situation of Forensic Entomology in Hungary, in Reflection of a Case Study

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 22

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Udo Zirpel1

Tips and Trics for Casework

Volume: 30/2014      Pages: 23

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