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Volume 16/2011
Edited by: Capezzuoli E., Brogi A., Ricci M., Bertini A.
August 2011

Luis Henrique Sapiensa Almeida (*), William Sallun Filho (**), Ivo Karmann (***) & Paulo Cesar Boggiani (***)

Quaternary tufas in the Serra do André Lopes, southeastern Brazil

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 5-6

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Concha Arenas Abad (*), Marta Vázquez Urbez (*) & Gonzalo Pardo Tirapu (*)

Sedimentology of tufa deposits: some clues to interpret past depositional scenarios

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 7-8

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Marianna Ricci (*) & Adele Bertini (*)

Terrestrial carbonate palynology: aims and perspectives

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 9

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Andrea Brogi (*)

Travertine deposition and tectonic activity

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 10

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Enrico Capezzuoli (*)

Outside to understand inside: sedimentology of travertine deposits

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 11

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Serap Çolak (*), Mehmet Özkul (**) & Ercan Aksoy (*)

Structural, depositional and geochemical studies on Quaternary travertine occurances along strike slip faults: A case study from East Anatolian Fault System (EAFS), Elazığ, Turkey

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 12-13

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Julie Dabkowski (*, **), Nicole Limondin-Lozouet (**), Pierre Antoine (**), JulianAndrews (***) & Alina Marca-Bell (***)

Combining geochemistry, malacology and petrography on Middle Pleistocene tufas: example of a multiproxy record of environmental and climatic variations from the Northern France site of La Celle (MIS 11)

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 14

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Luigi De Filippis (*), Claudio Faccenna (*), Renato Funiciello (*), Andrea Billi (**), Michele Soligo (*), Claudio Rossetti (*) & Paola Tuccimei (*)

The Lapis Tiburtinus travertine (Tivoli, Central Italy): its controversial tectonic vs paleoclimatic origin

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 15-16


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Louis Emery (*), Lesley Cherns (*), Alan Channing (*), John Parkes (*) & Henrik Sass (*)

Life on the edge: an industrially created tufa system

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 17

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Anna Gandin (*)

Travertine and Calcareous tufa litho- and micro-facies and related depositional environments

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 18

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Paulo Guerreiro (*), Lúcio Cunha (*) & Carlos Ribeiro (**)

Geomorphological settings and tufa models in Algibre flexure (Algarve, Portugal)

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 19-20

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Nada Horvatinčić (*)

Tufa as a Karst phenomena: environmental and palaeoclimate conditions of tufa formation

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 21

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Nasir Issah (*)

Surface water resources assessment of Offin Basin

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 22

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Sándor Kele (*)

Geochemistry of travertine deposits with special emphasis on paleotemperature calculations

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 23

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Domenico Liotta (*)

Relationships between geological structures and geothermal resources in southern Tuscany

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 24

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Angelo Minissale (*)

The cycle of CO2 in relation with the deposition of travertine

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 25

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Hükmü Orhan (*) & Fethiye Köse (**)

Sedimentological chacteristics of the Aydıncık Tufa (Mersin, Turkey)

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 26

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Martyn Pedley (*)

Form and function of the freshwater (tufa) microbial biofilm

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 27

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Marco Pola (*), Paolo Fabbri (*), Anna Gandin (**), Michele Soligo (***), Paola Tuccimei (***), Rita Deiana (*) & Dario Zampieri (*)

The Montirone travertine mound: a multidisciplinary approach. Implications for the Euganean Geothermal Field

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 28-29

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Giovanni Ruggieri (*)

Fluid inclusion studies of hydrothermal veins associated to travertines

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 30

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Ezher Toker (*), MehmetÖzkul (*) & Mi̇neSezgül Kayseri̇-Iözer (**)

The Stable Isotope Geochemistry and Pollen Records of the Late Quaternary Travertine Deposits, the Kocabaş area, Denizli, Western Turkey

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 31-32

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Ágnes Török (*), Viktoria Ünnep (*), Andrea Mindszenty (*) & Sándor Kele (**)

Sedimentology of the Kápolna-hegy travertine: spring-cone or lake? (Transdanubian Range, Hungary)

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 33-34

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Paola Tuccimei (*)

Uranium-series and trapped charge dating of tufa and travertines

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 35

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Viktória Veres (*), Magdolna Virág (**), Andrea Mindszenty (**) & Judit Mádl-Szőnyi (**)

Antropogenically modulated hydrological changes of the last 120 years recorded by an "indoor" travertine-precipitate of the "Rudas" Spa? (Buda Thermal Karst, Budapest, Hungary)

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 36-38

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Magdolna Virág (*), Andrea Mindszenty (*), Gergely Surányi (**) & Szabolcs Leél-Őssy (*)

Infiltration history of the last 50 thousand years as reflected by the anatomy of a flowstone type speleothem precipitated from dripwaters of the Pálvölgy-Mátyáshegy Cave System (Buda Thermal Karst, Budapest, Hungary)

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 39-41

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Wojciech Wróblewski (*) & Michał Gradziński (*)

Subsurface environmental processes and their significance in modern tufa growth − preliminary studies from Slovak Karst (Southern Slovakia)

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 42

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Saša Zavadlav (*) & Sonja Lojen (*)

Seasonal variation in stable isotopic and hydrogeochemical composition of tufa-depositing water in river Krka, Slovenia

Volume: 16/2011      Pages: 43-44

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