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Supplemento n. 1 al Vol. 11/2010
Edited by: Michele Marroni & Mauro Rosi
September 2010

Argnani Andrea (*)

Struggling from surface observations to seismogenic structures, and the contribution of seismic reflection profiles.

Volume:11/2010      Pages:2-3

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Anna Maria Blumetti (*), Valerio Comerci (*), Pio Di Manna (*), Luca Guerrieri (*), Alessandro Maria Michetti (**) & Eutizio Vittori (*)

Morphotectonics and seismic hazard in the L'Aquila basin

Volume:11/2010      Pages:6-7

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Paolo Boncio (*), Paolo Galli (*), Giuseppe Naso (**) & Alberto Pizzi (*)

Surface Fault Rupture Hazard Zoning: insights from the L'Aquila 2009 earthquake (Mw 6.3, central Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:8-9

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Claudio Cesi (*), Valeria Eulilli (*) & Luca Maria Puzzilli (*)

Electrical tomography supporting the geological model for seismic microzoning: application in the L'Aquila earthquake area

Volume:11/2010      Pages:10-11

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Carlo Doglioni (*), Salvatore Barba (**) , Eugenio Carminati (*) & Federica Riguzzi (**)

A model for the seismic cycle

Volume:11/2010      Pages:14-15

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Emanuela Falcucci (*), Stefano Gori (*), Marco Moro (**), Michele Saroli (***), Giandomenico Fubelli (°), Fabrizio Galadini (*) & Paola Fredi (°°)

Holocene activity of the Subequana Valley-Middle Aterno Valley normal fault system, south of the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake epicentre: implications for seismic hazard in central Apennines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:16-17

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Piero Farabollini (*), Enrico Miccadei (**), Gian Paolo Cavinato (***), Piero De Pari (°) & Tommaso Piacentini (**)

The 2009 Abruzzo earthquake: the role of Geomorphology and Quaternary geology for the prevention of seismic risk

Volume:11/2010      Pages:18

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Paolo Galli (*, **)

Paleoseismology in Italy: latest from L'Aquila

Volume:11/2010      Pages:19-20

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Paolo Galli (*, **), Tamara Carducci (***), Giuseppe Esposito (*), Giuseppe Naso (*), Edoardo Peronace (**) & Bruno Quadrio (°)

Earthquakes and fault(s) in the Upper Ofanto Valley (Irpinia,southern Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:21-22

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Stefano Gori (*), Fabrizio Galadini (*), Paolo Galli (**), Biagio Giaccio (***), Paolo Messina (***), Andrea Sposato (***), Emanuela Falcucci (*) & Francesco Dramis (°)

Active normal faulting and large scale gravitational deformation: the case of the Mt. Morrone SW slopes (central Apennines, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:23

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Paolo Messina (*)

Quaternary geology and seismic hazard

Volume:11/2010      Pages:24-25

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Stefano Salvi (*)

The crustal deformation associated to the seismic cycle measured by DInSAR techniques: a starting point for the geological analysis

Volume:11/2010      Pages:26

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Steven A.F. Smith (*), Giulio Di Toro (*, **), Andrea Billi (***) & Richard Spiess (**)

Principal slip zones in limestone: microstructural characterization and implications for the seismic cycle

Volume:11/2010      Pages:27-28

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Fabio Trippetta (*), Cristiano Collettini (*), Sergio Vinciguerra (**) & Philip G. Meredith (***)

Elastic properties evolution of the seismogenic Triassic Evaporites and implications for crustal modeling

Volume:11/2010      Pages:29

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Paola Vannoli (*), Salvatore Barba (*), Roberto Basili (*), Pierfrancesco Burrato (*), Umberto Fracassi (*), Vanja Kastelic (*), Mara Monica Tiberti (*) & Gianluca Valensise (*)

The new release of the Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources, DISS 3.1.1

Volume:11/2010      Pages:30-31

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Adriano Zuppetta (*)

Active tectonics in the Sannio Apennine: insights from the April-July 1990 Benevento seismic sequence

Volume:11/2010      Pages:32

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Monica Bini (*), Helmut Brückner (**), Alessandro Chelli (***) & Marta Pappalardo (*)

First remarks on the late Holocene relative sea level from sedimentological palaeo sea level indicators in the lower Magra Valley coastal plain

Volume:11/2010      Pages:34-35

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Antonietta Cilumbriello (*), Luisa Sabato (*) & Marcello Tropeano (*)

Contribute of sequence stratigraphy in the study of depositional marine terraces: the Metaponto area example (southern Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:36-37

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Francesca Dughetti (*), Luca Rossato (*), Mariaelena Fedi (**), Marco G. Benvenuti (*) & Giuseppe Tanelli (*)

Preliminary radiocarbon datings of Late Quaternary sediments in the Scarlino Plain (Grosseto, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:38-39

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Francesca Filocamo (*), Alessandra Ascione (*) & Paola Romano (*)

The marine terraces of the Policastro Gulf: new insights on the evolution of the southern Apennines Tyrrhenian margin

Volume:11/2010      Pages:40-41

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Paolo Antonio Pirazzoli (*)

Geomorphic, biologic and archaeologic indicators of sea - level change: eustatic, tectonic and isostatic interpretations

Volume:11/2010      Pages:42-43

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Paola Romano (*), Alessandra Ascione (*), Francesca Filocamo (*) & Nicoletta Santangelo (*)

The sea level changes during the MIS 5: eustatic fluctuation data from the southern Tyrrhenian coasts of Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:44-45

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Alessio Rovere (*), Matteo Vacchi (*) & Marco Firpo (*)

Submerged shorelines off the Gallinara Island (Ligurian Sea, NW Mediterranean)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:46-47

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Laura Sanna (*, **), Jo De Waele (***), Giancarlo Pasini (***), Vincenzo Pascucci (*) & Stefano Andreucci (*)

Sea level changes in the Gulf of Orosei based on continental and marine cave deposits

Volume:11/2010      Pages:48-50

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Paolo Sudiro (*)

Fossil dunes and desert flora along the southern margin of Chott el Jerid (Southern Tunisia)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:51-52

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Matteo Vacchi (*), Alessio Rovere (*), Nickolas Zouros (**) & Marco Firpo (*)

Spatial distribution of the paleo-shorelines in Lesvos Island. Evidence of differential coastal uplift in the area?

Volume:11/2010      Pages:53-54

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Massimo Zecchin (*), Silvia Ceramicola (*), Emiliano Gordini (*), Paolo Diviacco (*) & Edy Forlin (*)

Submerged terraces along the Ionian Calabrian shelf (southern Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:55

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Pamela Angeloni (*), Salvatore Barba (**), Michele Carafa (**) & Daniela Di Bucci (*)

Low-friction shear zones: the Molise-Gondola case study

Volume:11/2010      Pages:56-57

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Riccardo Aqué (*)

Three dimensional modelling in mineral exploration: a case study from the El Creston porphyry-moly deposit (Sonora, Mexico)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:58

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Riccardo Aqué (*), Rocco Novellino (*), Francesco Bucci (*), Giacomo Prosser (**) & Enrico Tavarnelli (*)

3D modeling and cross-section restoration as tools for imaging geological structures

Volume:11/2010      Pages:59-60

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Amar Assess (*) & Khaled Loumi (*)

Sedimentological and structural analysis of a "tight reservoir" in the Hassi Terfa field (North Algerian Sahara)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:61

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Mauro Buttinelli (*), Giuseppe Vico (**), Elio Bianchi (**), Davide Scrocca (***), Lorenzo Petracchini (***) & Fedora Quattrocchi (*)

3D reconstruction of the structural setting, reservoir modeling and simulation of an off-shore area from available seismic reflection data interpretation: evidences and constraints in the research of potential structures for geological storage of CO2

Volume:11/2010      Pages:62

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Paola Cadoppi (*), Giovanni Camanni (*), Antonio Damiano (**), Ermes Fusetti (***), Franco Monticelli (°), Luigi Perotti (*) & Gianluigi Perrone (*)

3D model reconstruction of mineralizations in Alpine context. Examples of geomatics approach on the talc mineralization mine in Germanasca Valley and the Balangero asbestos mine (Western Alps)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:63-64

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Alessia Conti (*), Piero Casero (**), Sabina Bigi (*), Livio Ruggiero (*), Riccardo Recanati (***) & Lorenzo Lipparini (***)

3D reconstruction of the periadriatic portion of the Apennines foldand-thrust-belt (Marche–Abruzzi onshore)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:67-68

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Chiara D'Ambrogi (*) & Maria Pia Congi (*)

3D modelling of multi-scale geological and geophysical data: data integration and model validation

Volume:11/2010      Pages:69-70

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Alan Gibbs (*)

Mapping in 4 dimensions - raising the game in geology for the 21st century

Volume:11/2010      Pages:71

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Michele Livani (*), Luigi Vadacca (*), Davide Scrocca (*), Eugenio Carminati (**), Elio Bianchi (***) & Robert Newman (°)

Three-dimensional geological and geomechanical modeling of the Northern Apennine front in the Po Plain

Volume:11/2010      Pages:72-73

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Khaled Loumi (*) & Mohamed Kelkouli (*)

Analysis and modeling of the fracturing of the oil field area 4 of Hassi Messaoud (Algeria)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:74

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Francesco E. Maesano (*), Chiara D'Ambrogi (*), Pierfrancesco Burrato (**) & Giovanni Toscani (***)

Long-term geological slip rates of the Emilia thrust front (Northern Apennines) from 3D modelling of key buried horizons

Volume:11/2010      Pages:75-76

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Domenico Montanari (*), Giacomo Corti (**) & Alexander Simakin (***)

Analogue experiments and numerical modeling exploring the relationship between volcanoes and thrusting

Volume:11/2010      Pages:77-78

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Antonio Pasculli (*), Alessandra Di Domenica (*) & Fernando Calamita (*)

A FEM numerical modelling of the polyphase inversion tectonics in Central Apennines (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:79-80

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Lorenzo Petracchini (*, **), Davide Scrocca (**), Chiara D'Ambrogi (***), Marco Antonellini (*) & Andrea Billi (**)

3D-Modelling of the Cingoli Anticline

Volume:11/2010      Pages:81-82

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Alessandro Romi (*)

Petrel as an open and unified platform to accurately model the subsurface and its uncertainties, beyond the oil industry

Volume:11/2010      Pages:83-84

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Eugenio Trumpy (*), Chiara Boschi (*) & Andrea Dini (*)

3D geological reconstruction of serpentinite bodies in Tuscany: insights for in-situ CO2 sequestration

Volume:11/2010      Pages:85-86

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Luigi Beccaluva (*), Gianluca Bianchini (**), Robert Mark Ellam (***), Claudio Natali (*), Alessandro Santato (*), Franca Siena (*) & Fin Stuart (***)

Peridotite xenoliths from Ethiopia: inferences on mantle processes from Plume to Rift settings

Volume:11/2010      Pages:88-89

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Luigi Beccaluva (*), Gianluca Bianchini (**), Claudio Natali (*) & Franca Siena (*)

Geodynamic control on orogenic and anorogenic magmatic cycles in the Cenozoic evolution of the Western Mediterranean

Volume:11/2010      Pages:90-91

Full Text

Mauro Buttinelli(*, **), Irene Bianchi (*), Mario Anselmi (*), Claudio Chiarabba (*) & Donatella De Rita (**)

Crustal structure of Tolfa domes complex (northern Latium – Italy) inferred from receiver functions analysis: an interplay between tectonics and magmatism

Volume:11/2010      Pages:92

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Rosolino Cirrincione (*), Eloisa De Vuono (**), Eugenio Fazio (*), Patrizia Fiannacca (*), Gaetano Ortolano (*), Antonino Pezzino (*) & Rosalda Punturo (*)

The composite framework of the southern sector of the Calabria Peloritani Orogen

Volume:11/2010      Pages:93-94

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Abderrahmane Ibhi (*), Hassane Nachit (*), Ahmed Ait Touchnt (*), El Hassan Abia (*), Carmela Vaccaro (**) & Elena Marrocchino (**)

Nature of the upper mantle and metasomatic processes on Eastern Anti-Atlas Moroccan

Volume:11/2010      Pages:95-96

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Antonio Langone (*), Roberto Braga (*), Hans-Joachim Massonne (**) & Massimo Tiepolo (***)

Relations between grain size and Th-Pb ages of monazite: examples from high-grade metapelitic gneiss from the Ulten Zone, eastern Alps

Volume:11/2010      Pages:97-98

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Gilda Matrangolo (*), Francesco Liberi (*), Ivan Martin-Rojas (**) & Eugenio Piluso (*)

Basic magmatism in the Triassic sequences from the Alpujarride Complex (Betic Cordillera, Spain) and the Lungro-Verbicaro Unit (Southern Apennines, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:99

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Francesco Perri (*) & Giovanna Rizzo (**)

Combining zircon chemical composition and geochronology (Pb/Pb dating) to characterize the Southalpine and the Austroalpine quartzphyllite complexes from the eastern Alps

Volume:11/2010      Pages:100-101

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Eugenio Piluso (*) & Francesca Liberi (*)

Magmatic and metamorphic processes in late-Hercynian lower crust section from the Northern Calabria

Volume:11/2010      Pages:102

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Rosalda Punturo (*)

Contribution to the knowledge of the Hyblean lithosphere (southeastern Sicily, Italy): the petrophysical approach

Volume:11/2010      Pages:103-104

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Giovanna Rizzo (*) & Eugenio Piluso (**)

Hybridization of the peridotite layers from the Serre lower-crust section (Calabria)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:105

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Maria T. Cristi Sansone (*) & Giovanna Rizzo (**)

Rodingites from Frido Unit: evidences for metasomatic alteration

Volume:11/2010      Pages:106-107

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Massimo Tiepolo (*), Riccardo Tribuzio (**) & Antonio Langone (***)

Evidence for a hidden subduction-related igneous activity in the Alps during Early Eocene

Volume:11/2010      Pages:108-109

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Filomena D'Albore (*) & Giuseppe Luongo (*)

An analogue model of triple junction for the Neapolitan volcanism

Volume:11/2010      Pages:112-113

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Oleksandr Fedoryshyn (*)

Study of basic physical properties of rocks based on theory of stochastic inhomogeneous mediums

Volume:11/2010      Pages:114-115

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Simone Lepore (*) & Claudio Scarpati (*)

Transient behaviour simulation of large, explosive, and ignimbrite forming eruptions by a multiphase thermo-fluid dynamic model

Volume:11/2010      Pages:116-117

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Antonio Pasculli (*), Chiara Audisio (**) & Giorgio Lollino (**)

Application of cellular automaton model for river morphological studies: CAESAR and the Pellice River (Piedmont, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:118-119

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Antonio Pasculli (*) & Daniela Novembre (**)

An empirical-analytical mathematical model to simulate the loss in weight of Cl during the synthesis process of sodalite by the use of meta kaolinite

Volume:11/2010      Pages:120-121

Full Text

Silvia Riccucci (*), Riccardo Salvini (*), Mirko Francioni (*) & Emilio Machetti (**)

Application of distinct elements methods for rocky slope stability analysis in the Carrara Marble District (Apuan Alps)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:122-123

Full Text

Riccardo Salvini (*), Mirko Francioni (*) & Silvia Riccucci (*)

Slope stability analysis and rock fall simulation for the assessment of geological risk of a railroad line

Volume:11/2010      Pages:124-125

Full Text

Valerio Bortolotti (*), Marco Chiari (*), Michele Marroni (*, **), Luca Pandolfi (*, **), Gianfranco Principi (*, ***) & Emilio Saccani (°)

The Middle Triassic to Late Jurassic ophiolites along the Albania to Greece geotraverse: a tool for the reconstruction of the Mesozoic to Tertiary tectonic history of Dinaric-Hellenic Belt

Volume:11/2010      Pages:128-129

Full Text

Marco Chiari (*), Valerio Bortolotti (*), Marta Marcucci (**), Adonis Photiades (***), Gianfranco Principi (*, **) & Emilio Saccani (°)

Radiolarian ages and geochemical data on the ophiolites from the Koziakas massif (Greece)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:130

Full Text

Francesca Liberi (*), David Shimabukuro (**), Eugenio Piluso (*), John Wakabayashi (***) & Walter Alvarez (**)

The Diamante-Terranova retrograde lawsonite blueschist (Calabrian Arc): an Alpine P-T cold exhumation path

Volume:11/2010      Pages:131

Full Text

Alessandra Montanini (*), Riccardo Tribuzio (**) & Matthew Thirlwall (***)

Tectono-magmatic evolution of the External Ligurian mantle section (Northern Apennine, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:132-133

Full Text

Vincenzo Perrone (*), Paola de Capoa (**), Angelida Di Staso (**), Sonia Perrotta (***) & Valentina Tiberi (*)

The stratigraphic succession of the Val Marecchia Nappe: insights into the paleogeographic and tectonic evolution of northern Apennines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:134

Full Text

Mensi Prela (*)

Middle Jurassic radiolarian fauna from the cherts in Skenderbej region (Central Albania)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:135

Full Text

Mensi Prela (*)

Occurrence of Jurassic radiolarian cherts in Kosova region

Volume:11/2010      Pages:136

Full Text

Alessio Sanfilippo (*) & Riccardo Tribuzio (*, **)

Interplay between tectonic and magmatic events during exhumation of a gabbro-peridotite section to the seafloor (Internal Ligurian ophiolites)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:137

Full Text

Maria T. Cristi Sansone (*)

Metadolerites from the Frido Unit ophiolites (Southern Apennine): oceanic and orogenic evolution

Volume:11/2010      Pages:138-139

Full Text

Maria T. Cristi Sansone (*), Giacomo Prosser (*), Giovanna Rizzo (**) & Paola Tartarotti (***)

Spl-peridotites from the Frido Unit ophiolites (Southern Apennine): evidence for oceanic metamorphism

Volume:11/2010      Pages:140-141

Full Text

Alessandro Amorosi (*)

Contrasting fluvial architecture in the middle-late Quaternary succession of the Po Plain: implications for aquifer stratigraphy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:146-147

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Elena Antonucci (*) & Claudia Costanzo (*)

Modeling and design of a groundwater remediation system by using recirculation of treated water: a case history

Volume:11/2010      Pages:148-149

Full Text

Andrea Baggio Compagnucci (*), Stefano Cicora (**), Stefano Palpacelli (***) & Pietro Paolo Pierantoni (***)

Geological-structural analisys and hydrogeology of carbonate ridge between Ambro and Fiastrone rivers (Umbria-Marche Apennine)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:150-151

Full Text

Giovanni Barrocu (*)

Aquifers and integrated water resources management in coastal areas

Volume:11/2010      Pages:152-153

Full Text

Simone Biemmi (*), Delia Boccardo (*), Angiolo Calì (*) & Valentina Osella (*)

A sustainability decision support tool for remediation options with respect to the environmental, social, economical as well as technical dimensions

Volume:11/2010      Pages:154

Full Text

Chiara Calligaris (*), Luca Zini (*), Francesco Treu (*), Daniela Iervolino (**), Federica Lippi (**) & Franco Cucchi (*)

Water sustainability in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Plain

Volume:11/2010      Pages:155-156

Full Text

Emmanuele Cavalli (*)

Gis management of multiple data-sets for hydrostratigraphic reconstruction in alluvial plains. An example from the Adda-Lambro plain in Lombardy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:157-158

Full Text

Ugo Chiocchini (*), Fabio Castaldi (*), Maurizio Barbieri (**) & Valeria Eulilli (***)

The hydrogeological model of the thermal fluids of Viterbo – Cimini Mountains area as a tool for their management

Volume:11/2010      Pages:159-160

Full Text

Antonio Cimino (*), Alfonso Corniello (**), Daniela Ducci (**) & Antonino Oieni (*)

Analysis of the possibility of parameters reduction in SINTACS method

Volume:11/2010      Pages:161-162

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Alfonso Corniello (*), Daniela Ducci (*) & Gennaro Maria Monti (**)

Overview of the hydrogeology of the "Conca di Acerno" (SA)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:163-164

Full Text

Jo De Waele (*)

Monitoring water and underground flow in the gypsum karst areas of Emilia Romagna region

Volume:11/2010      Pages:165-166

Full Text

Marco Doveri (*), Andrea Cerrina Feroni (*), Simone Da Prato (*), Alessandro Ellero (*), Matteo Lelli (*), Luigi Marini (*), Giulio Masetti (*), Barbara Nisi (*) & Brunella Raco (*)

A multidisciplinary approach for the management of the water resources hosted in the multi-layer coastal aquifers of Central-Southern Tuscany

Volume:11/2010      Pages:167-168

Full Text

Marco Doveri (*), Roberto Giannecchini (**) & Matteo Butteri (***)

The study of the seawater intrusion in the Versiliese-Pisan coastal plain (North-Western Tuscany) by means of hydrogeological, chemical and isotopic tools

Volume:11/2010      Pages:169-170

Full Text

Marco Doveri (*), Roberto Giannecchini (**), Mario Mussi (*), Irene Nicotra (***) & Alberto Puccinelli (**)

Pianosa Island (Tuscan Archipelago, Italy) groundwater: hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical features of a very peculiar aquifer

Volume:11/2010      Pages:171-172

Full Text

Adriano Fiorucci (*), Elena Comino (*) & Stefania Menegatti (*)

Translocation of Cr, Co and Pb from soil and water to forage plants and their accumulation capacity

Volume:11/2010      Pages:173

Full Text

Adriano Fiorucci (*) & Barbara Moitre (*)

Hydrogeochemical study of the unconfined aquifer of Low Susa Valley

Volume:11/2010      Pages:174

Full Text

Adriano Fiorucci (*), Bartolomeo Vigna (*), Cinzia Banzato (*) & Massimo Vincenzo Civita (*)

Functioning and vulnerability of springs supplied by aquifers in debris-alluvial deposits (Ligurian Alps – Piedmont, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:175-176

Full Text

Roberto Giannecchini (*), Matia Menichini (*), Brunella Raco (**) & Federico Viti (*)

Hydrogeological and geochemical features of the sandy unconfined aquifer between Marina di Pisa and Calambrone (NW Tuscany) affected by seawater intrusion

Volume:11/2010      Pages:177-178

Full Text

Stefano Lo Russo (*) & Glenda Taddia (*)

Evidences of advective heat transport related to an open-loop groundwater heat pump plant (Turin, NW Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:179-180

Full Text

Laura Pia Lodi (*), Marina De Maio (*) & Adriano Fiorucci (*)

Natural occurrance of sulphates in ground and surface waters in Aosta Plain (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:181

Full Text

Matia Menichini (*), Brunella Raco (**), Elissavet Dotsika (***), Luigi Marini (°) & Mauro Rosi (*)

Hydrochemistry and stable isotope for groundwater hydrodynamics analysis in a karst aquifer (Alpi Apuane, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:182-183

Full Text

Barbara Nisi (*, **), Orlando Vaselli (*, **), Maria José Gimeno (***), Franco Tassi (*, **), Patricia Acero (***), Robert J. Poreda (°), Julio A. Rodrigo- Naharro (°°), A. Delgado Huertas (°°°) & Luis Pérez Del Villar (°°)

Effects of deep saline CO2-rich waters in the shallow aquifers from the Mazarrón-Gañuelas Tertiary basin (central-southern Spain)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:184-185

Full Text

Silvia Piovan (*) & Paolo Mozzi (*)

Holocene stratigraphy of the south Venetian Plain: new insight data and correlations

Volume:11/2010      Pages:186-187

Full Text

Antonino Pisciotta (*), Antonio Contino (**), Gioacchino Cusimano (**) & Rocco Favara (*)

Groundwater quality assessment of the Palermo Mts.

Volume:11/2010      Pages:188

Full Text

Rudy Rossetto (*), Paolo Basile (*), Silvia Cannavò (*), Chiara Pistocchi (*), Tiziana Sabbatini (*), Nicola Silvestri (**) & Enrico Bonari (*)

Surface water and groundwater monitoring and numerical modeling of the southern sector of the Massaciuccoli Lake basin (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:189-190

Full Text

Rudy Rossetto (*), Paolo Basile (*), Oberdan Cei (**), Nicola Cempini (**) & Michela Sodini (***)

Groundwater numerical modeling of the Bientina-Cerbaie aquifer system as a tool for water management

Volume:11/2010      Pages:191-192

Full Text

Rudy Rossetto (*), Iacopo Borsi (**), Claudio Schifani (***), Enrico Bonari (*), Paolo Mogorovich (***) & Mario Primicerio (**)

SID&GRID: hydroinformatics system for the management of the water resource

Volume:11/2010      Pages:193-194

Full Text

Veronica Rossi (*), Alessandro Amorosi (*), Giovanni Sarti (**) & Roberta Romagnoli (*)

Fluvial architecture of the Holocene succession in the Arno coastal plain

Volume:11/2010      Pages:195

Full Text

Luisa Sabato (*), Marcello Tropeano (*), Marcello Bianca (**), Antonietta Cilumbriello (*), Maria Rosaria Gallipoli (***), Antonio Grippa (*) & Marco Mucciarelli (**)

Detecting incised valleys in the subsurface of the Metaponto coastal plain (Southern Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:196-197

Full Text

Giuseppe Sappa (*) & Matteo Rossi (*)

Natural contamination by arsenic and other trace elements in Northern Latium volcanic aquifers: a serious problem for drinking water supply management

Volume:11/2010      Pages:198-199

Full Text

Giovanni Sarti (*), Alessandro Amorosi (**), Veronica Rossi (**) & Serena Giacomelli (*)

Reconstruction of multilayered aquifers from the Late Quternary succession of the Arno coastal plain (Tuscany, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:200-201

Full Text

Giovanni Sarti (*), Alessandro Amorosi (**), Veronica Rossi (**), Serena Giacomelli (*), Letizia Fusani (*) & Miriam Potenza (**)

Mapping of a highly compressible lagoonal horizon in the Holocene of the Arno coastal plain: implications for proper urban planning in the city of Pisa

Volume:11/2010      Pages:202-203

Full Text

Francesco Sdao (*), Serena Parisi (*), Despina Kalisperi (**) & Pantelis Soupios (***)

Groundwater resource of the Geropotamos coastal aquifer of Crete, Greece: hydrochemical and isotopic analysis

Volume:11/2010      Pages:204-205

Full Text

Paolo Severi (*)

Geology and subsurface aquifers in Emilia-Romagna alluvial plain – Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:206

Full Text

Donato Sollitto (*)

Hydrogeological modelling for groundwater resources management: a case study for the industrial water supply

Volume:11/2010      Pages:207-208

Full Text

Enrico Suozzi (*), Marina De Maio (*) & Massimo Civita (*)

A GIS Tool to apply the hydrogeological inverse assessment

Volume:11/2010      Pages:209

Full Text

Bartolomeo Vigna (*), Adriano Fiorucci (*), Cinzia Banzato (*) & Massimo Vincenzo Civita (*)

Hydrodynamics, geochemistry, and vulnerability of springs fed by highly karstified aquifers (Ligurian Alps – Piedmont, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:210-211

Full Text

Gemma Aiello (*) & Ennio Marsella (*)

Gravitational instabilities on the continental slope off the Campania Region: two case histories in the Naples and Salerno Bays (Southern Tyrrhenian sea)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:214-215

Full Text

Italo Bellu (*), Andrea Del Sarto (*), Ilaria Noemi Frau (*), Massimo Perna (**), Altair Pirro (*), Fabio Pugnaghi (*) & Andrea Rindinella (*)

Geothematic data sharing of the Tuscany municipal plans by means of Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:216-217

Full Text

Pietro Dainelli (*) & Augusto Persico (**)

NWGeological mapping in Morocco – A contribution from Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:223-224

Full Text

Filomena Ornella Amore (*), Ubaldo Santini (*) & Italo Sgrosso (*)

Biostratigraphic dating as a useful tool for the reconstruction of Central and Southern Apennine evolution

Volume:11/2010      Pages:226-227

Full Text

Gloria Andreini (*) & Guido Parisi (*)

Lithological and palaeontological records of the Maiolica Formation in Umbria-Marche Apennines (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:228-229

Full Text

Filippo Bonciani (*), Gianluca Cornamusini (*, **), Ivan Callegari (*), Paolo Conti (*, **), Luca Martelli (***) & Luigi Carmignani (*)

Contribution of the CARG Project to the reconstruction of the mode and time of the emplacement of the "Coltre della Val Marecchia"

Volume:11/2010      Pages:230-231

Full Text

Arnaldo Boscherini (*), Andrea Motti (*), Norman Natali (*) & Gianluigi Simone (*)

Geological and geothematic cartography of Regione Umbria: the impulse of CARG project and its application

Volume:11/2010      Pages:234

Full Text

Arnaldo Boscherini (*), Andrea Motti (*), Norman Natali (*) & Gianluigi Simone (*)

Geothematic cartography applications in Regione Umbria

Volume:11/2010      Pages:235

Full Text

Piero Bruni (*) & Giovanna Cecchi (*)

Unconformity Bounded Stratigraphic Units of the Plio-Pleistocene basins of the upper catchment of the Arno (Tuscany): a proposal

Volume:11/2010      Pages:236-237

Full Text

Piero Bruni (*), Nicola Cipriani (*), Massimo Nebbiai (*) & Enrico Pandeli (*, **)

The modal analysis as a stratigraphic tool to discriminate the perisutural Oligocene and Miocene turbidite successions of the Northern Apennines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:238-239

Full Text

Piero Bruni (*), Enrico Pandeli (*, **) & Viviana Reale (*)

The biostratigraphic signal of the calcareous turbidites of Macigno and Falterona Sandstone (Northern Apennines)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:240-241

Full Text

Paolo Calzia (*), Vincenzo Sale (*), Filippo Mundula (**), Antonio Funedda (**), Edoardo Sarria (*) & Raffaello Cioni (**, ***)

The volcanic deposits of the new geological map of the Nuoro-Orosei area (Sardinia, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:242

Full Text

Serafina Carbone (*) & Fabio Lentini (*)

The CARG project in Southern Apennines and Sicily: a contribution for the knowledge of the geological features

Volume:11/2010      Pages:243-244

Full Text

Luigi Carmignani (*), Filippo Bonciani (*), Ivan Callegari (*), Paolo Conti (*, **), Gianluca Cornamusini (*, **), Laila Giannetti (*), Guido Lavorini (***), Giovanni Massa (*), Francesco Manetti (°), Domenico Morini (***) & Altair Pirro (*)

The contribute of the "Regione Toscana Project of Geological Mapping" for the realization of geological sheets 1:50.000 scale

Volume:11/2010      Pages:245-246

Full Text

Luigi Carmignani (*), Filippo Bonciani (*), Ivan Callegari (*), Paolo Conti (*, **), Gianluca Cornamusini (*, **), Laila Giannetti (*), Giovanni Massa (*), Domenico Morini (***) & Altair Pirro (*)

Geothematic regional geodatabases for the compilation of geological maps in areas of relevant interest: the Coltre of Marecchia Valley (PU), the Iglesiente region (CA) and the Stazzemese area (LU)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:247

Full Text

Luigi Carmignani (*), Paolo Conti (*), Giacomo D'Amato Avanzi (**), Giovanni Massa (*), Nicola Perilli (**) & Alberto Puccinelli (**)

Mapping (1:50,000) of a key sector of the northern Appennines and new results achieved in the frame of the CARG project

Volume:11/2010      Pages:248

Full Text

Rodolfo Carosi (*), Chiara Frassi (*), Chiara Montomoli (*), Daniele Nannini (*) & Piero Carlo Pertusati (*)

Sheet 273 - Pisa: a database for samples used in structural analyses

Volume:11/2010      Pages:249-250

Full Text

Antonio Cascella (*), Fabrizio Lirer (**), Massimo Cesarano (***) & Gerardo Pappone (°)

Integrated stratigraphy of the middle – upper Miocene deposits of San Bartolomeo Formation, cropping out whithin the geological map n. 405 Campobasso (Molise, Ssouthern Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:251-252

Full Text

Rita Catanzariti (*) & Nicola Perilli (**)

Calcareous nannofossil biohorizons of late Paleocene-middle Eocene in the Mt. Penice Flysch (Northern Apennines, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:253-254

Full Text

Rita Catanzariti (*) & Nicola Perilli (**)

Calcareous nannofossil distribution pattern and nannobiohorizons from Upper Cretaceous sedimentary successions of northern Apennines (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:255

Full Text

Andrea Cerrina Feroni (*) & Raffaele Pignone (**)

The outlook for the geological map in Italy, from "paper" to "digital"

Volume:11/2010      Pages:258

Full Text

Gloria Ciarapica (*), Giorgio Vittorio Dal Piaz (**) & Leonsevero Passeri (*)

Late Triassic microfossils in the Roisan zone, Austroalpine Dent Blanche-Mont Mary nappe system, NW-Alps

Volume:11/2010      Pages:259-260

Full Text

Nicola Cipriani (*), Moreno Pacini (*) & Enrico Pandeli (**)

The siliciclastic turbidite units of the Mt. Civitella – Mt. Elmo area (Mt. Amiata, south-eastern Tuscany): geological setting, petrographic composition and regional correlations

Volume:11/2010      Pages:261-262

Full Text

Donatella De Rita (*), Gianluca Groppelli (**) & Luigina Vezzoli (***)

Mapping Volcanoes: Tools, results and perspectives

Volume:11/2010      Pages:263-264

Full Text

Silvio Di Nocera (*), Fabio Matano (*) & Tullio Pescatore (**)

New geological data in central Lucania, Southern Apennines: the Geological Sheet n° 470 "Potenza"

Volume:11/2010      Pages:265-266

Full Text

Giuseppe Diano (*), Andrea Bonamico (**), Arnaldo Angelo De Benedetti (*) & Guido Giordano (*)

Three-dimensional reconstruction of the main unconformities of the Colli Albani stratigraphy and deposit volume calculations

Volume:11/2010      Pages:267-268

Full Text

Gianfranco Fioraso (*), Andrea Irace (*), Pietro Mosca (*), Fabrizio Piana (*), Sergio Tallone (*), Laura Bellino (*), Stefania Trenkwalder (*) & Dario Varrone (*)

The activities of CNR IGG in CARG project: maps, databases and IT to improve geological data quality

Volume:11/2010      Pages:269

Full Text

Andrea Fiorentino (*), Maria Cristina Giovagnoli (*), Rita Maria Pichezzi (*) & Mariagrazia Rossi (*)

Biostratigraphy results within the Italian Geological Mapping CARG Project

Volume:11/2010      Pages:270-271

Full Text

Alessandro Forci (*), Maria Rita Langiu (*) & Giovanni Tilocca (**)

Backdating of some Pleistocene continental deposits in Northern Sardinia. Preliminary results

Volume:11/2010      Pages:272-273

Full Text

Ferruccio Forlati (*), Paolo Falletti (*), Lidia Giacomelli (*), Michele Marroni (**, ***), Luca Pandolfi (**, ***), Giuseppe Ottria (***), Andrea Bernardeschi (**), Rita Catanzariti (***) & Anne Taini (***)

The 196 Cabella Ligure Sheet of the 1:50.000 scale geological map of Italy: main results

Volume:11/2010      Pages:274-275

Full Text

Eliana Fornaciari (*), Isabella Raffi (**), Domenico Rio (*), Claudia Agnini (*) & Rita Catanzariti (***)

Updating the Paleogene calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy in the Mediterranean region

Volume:11/2010      Pages:276

Full Text

Francesca Garfagnoli (*), Francesco Menna (*), Giuseppe Nirta (*), Enrico Pandeli (*, **) & Gianfranco Principi (*, **)

The contact metamorphic aureole of the Mt. Capanne pluton: new data from the CARG project

Volume:11/2010      Pages:277-278

Full Text

Guido Giordano (*) & The CARG Team (**)

Stratigraphy, volcano tectonics and evolution of the Colli Albani volcanic field

Volume:11/2010      Pages:279-280

Full Text

Federico Lucchi (*), Claudio Antonio Tranne (*) & Gianfilippo De Astis (**)

Areal distribution and stratigraphy of widespread pyroclastic Brown Tuffs in the Aeolian archipelago

Volume:11/2010      Pages:281

Full Text

Enrico Miccadei (*), Maurizio Parotto (**), Antonio Praturlon (**), Tommaso Piacentini (*) & Claudio Berti (***)

CARG Project Foglio 378 Scanno: new contribution for the geological setting of Central Apennines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:282-283

Full Text

Corrado Morelli (*), Giuseppe Maria Bargossi (**), Marta Marocchi (**), Gianluca Piccin (***), Alessandro Moretti (***) & Volkmar Mair (*)

The Athesian volcanics: a spectacular example of caldera complex

Volume:11/2010      Pages:284-285

Full Text

Domenico Morini (*)

The Geological Survey of Regione Toscana: from the Geological Map to the digital geothematic Databases

Volume:11/2010      Pages:286-287

Full Text

Enrico Pandeli (*, **), Valerio Bortolotti (*, **) & Gianfranco Principi (*, **)

The Elba island: an intriguing geological puzzle in the Northern Tyrrhenian sea

Volume:11/2010      Pages:288-289

Full Text

Enrico Pandeli (*, **), Alba Santo (*, **) & Monica Candido (*)

The Neogene magmatism in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea: setting and compositional data of the Monte Capo Stella dikes (Southern Elba Island, Tuscan Archipelago)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:290-291

Full Text

Tullio Pescatore (*), Silvio Di Nocera (**), Fabio Matano (*, **) & Felice Pinto (*)

The Geological Sheet n° 419 "San Giorgio La Molara": new data for the analysis of the Sannio segment of Southern Apennnines (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:292-293

Full Text

Raffaele Pignone (*) & Angela Angelelli (*)

The geological map of Emilia-Romagna Region from scale 1:10,000 to scale 1:250,000: scientific base, utility and future

Volume:11/2010      Pages:294

Full Text

Claudia Principe (*), Annarita Paolillo (**), Giuseppe Luongo (**) & Marina Bisson (***)

Geological mapping inside densely populated volcanic areas. The example of Torre del Greco and Ercolano (Vesuvius)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:295-296

Full Text

Antonio Puccini (*), Stefano Cuccurru (*), Daniele Sechi (*), Giacomo Oggiano (*), Fabio Mantovani (**), Gerti Xhixha (**) & Sara Mariani (***)

Employment of portable gamma-ray spectrometer in survey and mapping of intrusive complexes: a case study from the Buddusò pluton (Sardinia)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:297-298

Full Text

Roberto Rizzo (*), Filippo Mundula (**) & Raffaello Cioni (**, ***)

The new geological map of the San Pietro Island (Sardinia, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:299-300

Full Text

Stefano Romanelli (*), Guido Lavorini (**) & Domenico Morini (**)

The Subsoil Use Atlas of Regione Toscana: 2d mapping of criticalities due to normative overlaps

Volume:11/2010      Pages:301-302

Full Text

Massimiliano R. Barchi (*), Walter Alvarez (**) & David H. Shimabukuro (**)

Time-space evolution of a near-classic thrust and fold belt in the outer part of the Northern Apennines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:304-305

Full Text

Andrea Bernardeschi (*), Michele Marroni (*, **) & Luca Pandolfi (*, **)

Kinematic and timing constraints of the Villalvernia-Varzi line at the Apennine-Alpine boundary

Volume:11/2010      Pages:306

Full Text

Carlo Bertok (*), Anna D'Atri (*), Luca Martire (*), Pietro Mosca (**), Fabrizio Piana (**), Andrea Cerrina Feroni (***), Alessandro Ellero (***), Rita Catanzariti (***), Alessia Musso (*), Elena Perotti (*) & Dario Varrone (**)

Transpressive evolution of the Ligurian Alps - Northern Apennines system – 2: a perspective from the Northern Apennines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:307-308

Full Text

Irene Bianchi (*), Genny Giacomuzzi (*, **), Claudio Chiarabba (*), Raffaele Di Stefano (*), Nicola Piana Agostinetti (*) & Alessandro Amato (*)

The complex lithosphere structure of Central Apennines as revealed by combined Tomographic and Receiver Functions images

Volume:11/2010      Pages:309

Full Text

Flavio Botti (*), Michele Marroni (*, **), Silvia Palandri (*), Luca Pandolfi (*, **) & Nicoletta Ricchetti (*)

Evolution of the Oligocene-Miocene foredeep successions in the Toscana-Umbria area: constraints from stratigraphical, biostratigraphical and petrographical data

Volume:11/2010      Pages:310-311

Full Text

Francesco Bucci (*), Paola Guglielmi (**), Ivana Adurno (***), Rocco Novellino (*), Enrico Tavarnelli (*), Erwan Gueguen (***) & Giacomo Prosser (**)

The structural and kinematic history of a complex fold-and-thrust belt: an example from western Basilicata, southern Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:312-313

Full Text

Francesco Bucci (*), Rocco Novellino (*), Paola Guglielmi (**), Enrico Tavarnelli (*) & Giacomo Prosser (**)

Geology of the north-eastern margin of the High Agri Valley (western Basilicata, southern Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:314

Full Text

Riccardo Caputo (*), Maria Eliana Poli (**) & Adriano Zanferrari (**)

Neogene-Quaternary Tectonic Stratigraphy of the eastern Southern Alps, NE Italy: geodynamic implications for Adria

Volume:11/2010      Pages:315-316

Full Text

Serafina Carbone (*), Fabio Lentini (*) & Giovanni Barreca (*)

The Apenninic-Maghrebian orogen in Southern Apennines and Sicily: a multidisciplinary approach

Volume:11/2010      Pages:317-318

Full Text

Andrea Cerrina Feroni (*)

The Poggio La Torre Conglomerate (Enza Valley): an enigmatic 'alpine' deposit of the Northern Apennine Epiligurian Basin

Volume:11/2010      Pages:319

Full Text

Andrea Cerrina Feroni (*), Alessandro Ellero (*), Rita Catanzariti (*), Anna D'Atri (**), Andrea Irace (***), Pietro Mosca (***), Fabrizio Piana (***) & Dario Varrone (***)

Transpressive evolution of the Ligurian Alps - Northern Apennines system – 2: a perspective from the Northern Apennines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:320-321

Full Text

Paolo Conti (*, **), Gianluca Cornamusini (*, **), Fabrizio Uccelletti (**) & Antonio Baldetti (**)

Stratigraphic and structural setting of the "Pseudoverrucano" lithofacies in southern Tuscany

Volume:11/2010      Pages:322-323

Full Text

Gianluca Cornamusini (*, **), Alessandro Ielpi (*), Filippo Bonciani (**), Ivan Callegari (**) & Paolo Conti (*, **)

Relationships among stratigraphy, fold-and-thrust structures and transversal tectonics in the northern Chianti Mountains (Northern Apennines)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:324-325

Full Text

Sveva Corrado (*), Massimiliano Zattin (**) & Luca Aldega (*)

Burial and exhumation processes along the Apennine chain

Volume:11/2010      Pages:326-327

Full Text

Anna Del Ben (*)

Direction change of the Calabrian Arc: causes and effects

Volume:11/2010      Pages:328-329

Full Text

Alessandra Di Domenica (*), Sara Satolli (*) & Fernando Calamita (*)

Neogene-Quaternary polyphase inversion tectonics in the Central Apennines (Italy): Implication for seismic hazard assessment

Volume:11/2010      Pages:330-331

Full Text

Fabrizio Felici (*), Pietro Paolo Pierantoni (**) & Eugenio Turco (**)

Geological and structural evolution of the Onshore-Offshore Murge and its tectonic implications (Adria/Apulia plate boundary, SE Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:332-333

Full Text

Alessandro Malasoma (*), Michele Marroni (*, **) & Luca Pandolfi (*, **)

High-pressure external continental units (HECU) belt at the boundary between Alpine and Hercynian Corsica: a key for the understanding the Tertiary subduction and exhumation processes along the European plate margin

Volume:11/2010      Pages:334-335

Full Text

Ivan Martini (*), Andrea Brogi (*), Enrico Capezzuoli (*) & Fabio Sandrelli (*)

Neotectonics in the inner Northern Apennines: evidence from late Quaternary alluvial sediments of the northern Siena Basin

Volume:11/2010      Pages:336

Full Text

Francesca Meneghini (*), Flavia Botti (*), Luca Aldega (**), Chiara Boschi (***), Sveva Corrado (**), Michele Marroni (*, ***) & Luca Pandolfi (*, ***)

Hot fluid pumping along shallow level collisional thrusts: the Monte Rentella Shear Zone, Umbria Apennine, Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:337-338

Full Text

Giovanna Moratti (*), Marco Benvenuti (**) & Paolo Squarci (***)

Messinian tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Volterra Basin (Northern Apennines)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:339

Full Text

Giovanni Musumeci (*) & Luca Vaselli (**)

Neogene deformation in metamorphic units of eastern Elba island, (northern Apennine): insight from Calanchiole and Felciaio mylonitic marbles in the Porto Azzurro pluton contact aureole

Volume:11/2010      Pages:340-341

Full Text

Piero Carlo Pertusati (*), Livio Bonini (*) & Chiara Montomoli (*)

The Triassic evaporites of Sassalbo and Secchia Valley (Tuscan-Emilian Apennines): geometric and kinematic data

Volume:11/2010      Pages:342

Full Text

Gianfranco Principi (*, **), Valerio Bortolotti (*), Enrico Pandeli (*, **), Francesca Garfagnoli (*), Francesco Menna (*) & Giuseppe Nirta (*)

"Alpine" Corsica and Northern Apennine: two orogenic complexes or the same? Arguments for discuss about

Volume:11/2010      Pages:343

Full Text

Alberto Puccinelli (*), Antonio Cascella (**) & Nicola Perilli (*)

New stratigraphic constrains of the para-autocthonous Caporalino-Sant'Angelo Unit belonging to the "Alpine Corsica" (Corte-Ponte Leccia area, Corsica)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:344

Full Text

Sergio Rocchi (*), Andrea Dini (**) & David S. Westerman (***)

Magma emplacement in a transfer zone: the Miocene mafic Orano dyke swarm of Elba Island, Tuscany, Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:345

Full Text

Federico Sani (*), Francesco Mazzarini (**), Eusebio M. Stucchi (***), Andrea Tognarelli (°) & Giovanni Musumeci (°°)

The northern Tyrrhenian-northern Apennine system: constraints on the geodynamic setting from a new reprocessing and interpretation of seismic line M12A

Volume:11/2010      Pages:346-347

Full Text

Sara Satolli (*), Simone Agostini (*), Antonio Turtù (*) & Fernando Calamita (*)

Inversion tectonic in the Umbria-Marche region (Apennines, Italy): Preliminary results from a new paleomagnetic approach

Volume:11/2010      Pages:348-349

Full Text

Vittorio Scisciani (*), Simone Agostini (**), Fernando Calamita (**), Andrea Cilli (***), Italiano Giori (***), Paolo Pace (**) & Werter Paltrinieri (**)

The Neogene positive inversion of late Paleozoic-Triassic basins in the structural evolution of the Umbria-Marche carbonate mountain ridge (northern Apennines)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:350-351

Full Text

Fabio Speranza (*) & Massimo Chiappini (*)

Magnetic anomalies and deep Apennine setting: towards a lower crustal perspective?

Volume:11/2010      Pages:352-353

Full Text

Enrico Tavarnelli (*), Valeria Pasqui (*), Francesco Bucci (*), Rocco Novellino (*) & Giacomo Prosser (**)

Oblique-slip fault growth by segment linkage: a case from Basilicata, southern Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:354-355

Full Text

Antonio Turtù (*), Sara Satolli (*), Fernando Calamita (*) & Fabio Speranza (**)

Preliminary paleomagnetic analysis along the Olevano-Antrodoco fault zone

Volume:11/2010      Pages:356-357

Full Text

Vera Valenti (*), Cinzia Albanese (*), Mauro Agate (*), Attilio Sulli (*) & Luigi Lombardo (*)

New insights on shallow to intermediate crustal structures of the submerged Apenninic-Maghrebian chain (northern Sicily offshore) coming from the re-processing of the CROP M6A seismic reflection profile

Volume:11/2010      Pages:358-359

Full Text

Paola Vannucchi (*), Francesca Remitti (**), Chiara Boschi (***), Giuseppe Bettelli (**) & Luigi Dallai (***)

Deformation and fluid circulation in an erosive subduction channel: constraints from structural and isotopic studies of the ancient analogue of the northern Apennines of Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:360-361

Full Text

Dario Zampieri (*), Marco Pola (*) & Paolo Fabbri (*)

The fissure ridge of Abano Terme (Padova)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:364-365

Full Text

Stefano Zanchetta (*), Paolo D'Adda (*) & Andrea Zanchi (*)

40Ar/39Ar dating of pseudotachylytes: direct evidence of Cretaceous to Eocene compressions in the central Southern Alps

Volume:11/2010      Pages:366-367

Full Text

Antonio Caprai (*) & Paolo Scarsi (*)

Geochemical surveillance of reactive gas from geothermal area of Pozzuoli Solfatara (Naples, Italy): chronological evolution and local ground displacement

Volume:11/2010      Pages:370

Full Text

Cesare Comina (*), Luca Guglielmetti (*) & Giuseppe Mandrone (*)

Medium enthalpy geothermal fluids in the Argentera Massif: geochemical investigations for further geothermal exploration studies

Volume:11/2010      Pages:371-372

Full Text

Cesare Comina (*), Luca Guglielmetti (*) & Giuseppe Mandrone (*)

Thermal box: analogic modelling of thermal flow in satured and unsatured conditions and geophysical controls

Volume:11/2010      Pages:373-374

Full Text

Cesare Comina (*), Luca Guglielmetti (*) & Giuseppe Mandrone (*)

Ultrasonic test in geothermal heat exchangers (BHE) to monitor grout integrity against migration of contaminants into ground water system

Volume:11/2010      Pages:375-376

Full Text

Giuseppe De Natale (*) & Claudia Troise (*)

The Campi Flegrei Deep Drilling Project: from volcanic risk mitigation to geothermal research

Volume:11/2010      Pages:377

Full Text

Alfia Pasquini (*), Tommaso Colonna (*), Matteo Burrini (**), Enrico Guastaldi (*) & Nicola Corrias (*)

Study of geological parameters and thermal properties of soil y measurements in situ and laboratory: thematic maps of thermal efficiency and conductivity of Tuscany Region

Volume:11/2010      Pages:378-379

Full Text

Pierre Ungemach (*) & Miklos Antics (*)

Sustainable management of the Dogger geothermal Reservoir - Paris Basin

Volume:11/2010      Pages:380-381

Full Text



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