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Supplemento n. 2 al Vol. 11/2010
Edited by: Michele Marroni & Mauro Rosi
September 2010

Benedetta Andreucci (*), Leszek Jankowski (**), Stefano Mazzoli (***), Rafal Szaniawski (°) & Massimiliano Zattin (*)

An example of two stages exhumation of a thrust and fold belt from the thermochronology of Western Carpathians

Volume:11/2010      Pages:384-385

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Pietro Armienti (*) & Cristina Perinelli (*)

Cenozoic thermal evolution of lithospheric mantle in northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): the Uplift of the Transantarctic Mountains

Volume:11/2010      Pages:386

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Maria Laura Balestrieri (*), Enrico Pandeli (**), Rodolfo Carosi (***) & Chiara Montomoli (***)

Age and temperature constraints on metamorphism and exhumation of the Tuscan Metamorphic Units, Northern Apennines, Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:387-388

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Luca Bertoldi (*), Matteo Massironi (*), Dario Visonà (*), Rodolfo Carosi (**) & Chiara Montomoli (**)

Lithological discrimination in collisional belt through Remote Sensing: a case study (Buraburi granite; Western Nepal, Himalayas)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:389-390

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Andrea Brogi (*) & Domenico Liotta (**)

From normal to strike-slip faults during exhumation processes: the case of the eastern Elba Island (inner Northern Apennines)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:391

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Andrea Brogi (*), Giovanna Giorgetti (*) & Renzo Regoli (*)

Mg-carpholite bearing quartz veins and HP-LT mineralogical assemblages in the exhumed siliciclastic units of the Monticiano-Roccastrada Ridge (inner Northern Apennines)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:392

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Rodolfo Carosi (*), Leonardo Leoni (*), Francesco Paolucci (*), Piero Carlo Pertusati (*) & Eugenio Trumpy (*)

Deformation and illite crystallinity in metapelitic rocks from the Mandas area, in the Nappe Zone of the Variscan belt of Sardinia

Volume:11/2010      Pages:393-394

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Rodolfo Carosi (*), Chiara Montomoli (*) & Fabrizio Bartoli (*)

The South Tibetan Detachment on the Northern slope of Mt. Cho Oyu (Southern Tibet, China)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:395-396

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Rodolfo Carosi (*), Chiara Montomoli (*), Santa Man Rai (**), Angelo Borsani (*) & Salvatore Iaccarino (*)

Geological field trip in the Kaligandaki Valley (Central Nepal) by the Italian Group of Himalayan Geology

Volume:11/2010      Pages:397-398

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Rodolfo Carosi (*), Chiara Montomoli (*), Daniela Rubatto (**) & Dario Visonà (***)

South Tibetan Detachment activity constrained at 13-14 Ma by syntectonic leucogranite emplacement in Laya region, Western Bhutan

Volume:11/2010      Pages:399-400

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Rodolfo Carosi (*), Chiara Montomoli (*), Daniela Rubatto(**), Luca Bertoldi (**), Chiara Frassi (*), Dario Visonà (**) & Piero Carlo Pertusati (*)

Occurrence of a large leucogranite body intruding the Tibetan Sedimentary Sequence in Western Nepal during Early Miocene: insights on the exhumation mechanisms of the Himalayan belt

Volume:11/2010      Pages:401-402

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Leonardo Casini (*), Stefano Cuccuru (*), Matteo Maino (**) & Giacomo Oggiano (*)

Exhumation rates in the Sardinian Variscides from granite thermobarometry

Volume:11/2010      Pages:403-404

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Paolo Conti (*, **), Giovanni Massa (*, **), Luigi Carmignani (* & **)

Tectonics of the southern Alpi Apuane (northern Apennines): evidence for large scale low-angle normal faulting during Tertiary extension

Volume:11/2010      Pages:405-406

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Gabriele Cruciani (*), Marcello Franceschelli (*) & Chiara Groppo (**)

P-T evolution of Punta Orvili metabasite, NE Sardinia, Italy: some constraints from pseudosection modelling

Volume:11/2010      Pages:407-408

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Gabriele Cruciani (*), Marcello Franceschelli (*) & Hans-Joachim Massonne (**)

Metamorphic evolution of gabbro and acidic volcanics from Nurra, northwestern Sardinia

Volume:11/2010      Pages:409-410

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Giorgio Dallagiovanna (*), Laura Gaggero (**), Matteo Maino (*), Silvio Seno (*) & Massimo Tiepolo (***)

U-Pb chronological constraints for the late- and post-orogenic episodes in the Ligurian Variscides

Volume:11/2010      Pages:411-412

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Chiara Frassi (*), Rodolfo Carosi (*), Chiara Montomoli (*), Piero Carlo Pertusati (*), Luca Bertoldi (**) & Dario Visona' (**)

Quartz microstructural and petrofabrics constraints in the Lesser Himalayan Crystalline (Lower Dolpo, Western Nepal)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:413-414

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Ivano Gasco (*), Alessandro Borghi (**) & Marco Gattiglio (*)

Structural and metamorphic evolution across the Internal Crystalline Massifs vs Piedmont Zone boundary (Western Alps)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:415-416

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Chiara Groppo (*), Franco Rolfo (*), Rodolfo Carosi (**), Chiara Frassi (**), Chiara Montomoli (**), Piero Pertusati (**) & Dario Visonà (***)

Crustal anatexis in the Higher Himalayan Crystallines of Eastern Nepal: constraints on the P-T evolution of the Barun Gneiss

Volume:11/2010      Pages:417-418

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Chiara Montomoli (*), Rodolfo Carosi (*), Alessio Carulli (*), Erwin Appel (**), Istvàn Dunkl (***), Bernard Leiss (***), Rachida El Bay (**) & Ding Lin (°)

Geometry, kinematics, and non coaxiality of the flow in the Tibetan Sedimentary Sequence during the activity of the South Tibetan Detachment System (southern Tibet, China): insight into the exhumation of the Himalayan belt

Volume:11/2010      Pages:419-420

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Pietro Mosca (*), Chiara Groppo (**), Franco Rolfo (* & **)

Structural and metamorphic architecture of the Himalayas in the Kangchenjunga area (far-Eastern Nepal)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:421-422

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Manuel Roda (*), Anna Maria Marotta (*) & Maria Iole Spalla (*)

Which are the driving factors to facilitate exhumation during active subduction? Suggestions by numerical modelling

Volume:11/2010      Pages:424-425

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Sara Satolli (*), Mauro Gabriele Viandante (*) & Fernando Calamita (*)

Constrain by low-temperature thermochronometers in the evolution of the Central Apennines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:426-427

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Francesca Tangocci (*), Maria Laura Balestrieri (*) & Marco Benvenuti (**)

A detrital apatite fission-track study on the sedimentary successions of the Valdelsa and Mugello basins, Northern Apennines, Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:428-429

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Igor Maria Villa (*), Giovanni Vezzoli (*), Eduardo Garzanti (*) & Silvia Bardini (*)

Himalayan detrital geochronology: tectonic modelling or petrological equilibrium?

Volume:11/2010      Pages:430

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Fabrizio Balsamo (*) & Fabrizio Storti (*)

Structural and petrophysical evolution of extensional faults in high-porosity sands from the Crotone basin, south Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:432

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Giuseppe Bettelli (*)

Olistostromes and their importance for interpreting the tectonic evolution of orogenic belts: the example of the Northern Apennines, Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:433-434

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Giorgio Bolis (*), Roberto Calabrò (*), Luca Feltre (*) & Manlio Mazzarelli (*)

Tectonic evolution and petroleum system of the Reggane and Akabli Basins (Algeria)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:435

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Paolo Carubelli (*), Manlio Ghielmi (*), Paola Bocca (*), Alfredo Pugliese (*), Luca Alfonso Renna (*) & Valeria Scola (*)

Lower Pliocene sedimentary evolution of Bradanic Foredeep in the Val D'Agri subsurface area (Southern Apennines, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:436-437

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Giacomo Dalla Valle (*), Fabiano Gamberi (*), Fabio Trincardi (*), Patrizia Rocchini (**), Alessia Errera (**) & Luca Baglioni (**)

Finding sand on muddy slopes: how can the study of the modern seafloor improve the predictive power of 3D seismic analysis

Volume:11/2010      Pages:438

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Roberto Fantoni (*)

The Po Plain laboratory thirty years after Pieri & Groppi (1981)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:439-440

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Renato Ghelardoni (*)

Ricordo di Marco Pieri

Volume:11/2010      Pages:441-442

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Manlio Ghielmi (*), Maria Rosa Amore (*), Maria Bertamoni (*) & Marco Razzoli (*)

Plio-Pleistocene sedimentary evolution of the Pisticci Oil and Gas Field area (Lucano Basin, Bradanic Foredeep, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:443-444

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Gian Andrea Pini (*), Angelo Camerlenghi (**), Kei Ogata (***), Andrea Festa (°), Giulia Codegone (°), Claudio Corrado Lucente (°°) & Roger Urgeles (°°°)

Olistostromes, mélanges and mass-transport deposits

Volume:11/2010      Pages:445-446

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Alberto Puccinelli (*), Giacomo D'Amato Avanzi (*) & Nicola Perilli (*)

A new interpretation of the log of the Pontremoli 1 drilling (Tuscany, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:447-448

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Giancarlo Scalera (*)

Biogenic and abiogenic hydrocarbons in Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:449-450

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Mattia Sella (*)

Arc of the Sun, la forza comunicativa di Giovanni Flores, pioniere geologo

Volume:11/2010      Pages:451-452

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Fabrizio Storti (*), Fabrizio Balsamo (*), Federico Cappanera (**) & Giambattista Tosi (***)

Jointing and faulting as a record of stress field variability at the tip of a salt ridge: the deformation pattern of the chalk at Laegerdorf, NW Germany

Volume:11/2010      Pages:453

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Meri Barbafieri (*) & Eliana Tassi (*)

Phytoremediation tecnologies to remediate contaminated area. The case study of Cecina river sediments contaminated by boron

Volume:11/2010      Pages:456-457

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Flavia Botti (*), Deborah Donatio (*), Maurizio Gemelli (*), Michele Marroni (*), Luca Pandolfi (*) & Sergio Rocchi (*)

Occurrence of fibrous minerals from Northern Apennine ophiolites: comparison among three different tectonic settings

Volume:11/2010      Pages:458-459

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Eleonora Bulleri (*), Marco Iacopini (*), Marco Doveri (**), Luigi Marini (**, ***), Barbara Nisi (**, °), Franco Tassi (** & °)

Tetrachloroethylene contamination on drinking water wells field in Pianura Padana

Volume:11/2010      Pages:460-461

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Deborah Donatio (*), Michele Marroni (*) & Sergio Rocchi (*)

Estimate of fibrous mineral content in asbestos-bearing rocks from southern Tuscany: a case study

Volume:11/2010      Pages:462-463

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Daniela Ducci (*) & Mariangela Sellerino (*)

Natural background concentrations for some ions in groundwater of the Campania region

Volume:11/2010      Pages:464-465

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Fabrizio Franceschini (*) & Vittoria Laterza (**)

Chromium and nickel occurrence in soils and sediments of Cecina Valley, Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:466-467

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Laura Gaggero (*) & Evelina Isola (*)

Assessment of asbestos content in serpentinites: from field analysis to a quantatitative expression

Volume:11/2010      Pages:468-469

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Michele Marroni (*), Laura Botti (**), Luca Pandolfi (*), Salvatore Parisi (***), Sergio Rocchi (*), Flavia Botti (*), Deborah Donatio (*), Maurizio Gemelli (*) & Alessandro Rossi (**)

CaMAm: asbestos mapping and characterization in the ophiolites from Tuscany

Volume:11/2010      Pages:470-471

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Stefano Menichetti (*) & Sylvia Boni (**)

Natural background level in Tuscan groundwater bodies monitored for Water Framework Directive 2000/60

Volume:11/2010      Pages:472-473

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Maddalena Pennisi (*), Emma Di Gregorio (*), Serena Carbone (**) & Livia Vittori Antisari (**)

Boron concentration in humic and fulvic acids of soil epipedon in San Vitale pinewood (Ravenna, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:474-475

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Riccardo Petaccia (*) & Sergio Rusi (*)

Natural origin hydrocarbon contamination in waters of carbonatic domains of Abruzzi Apennines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:476-477

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Reza Sarvati (*)

Geomorphology of Konarsiah salt dome in south east of Firouzabad Province, Fars, Iran

Volume:11/2010      Pages:478

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Livia Vittori Antisari (*), Serena Carbone (*), Gilmo Vianello (*), Maddalena Pennisi (**), Alessandra Braccesi Adorni (**), Umberto Aviani (***) & Riccardo Petrini (***)

Isotope geochemistry to assess water quality in artificial canal network from the Ravenna coastal plain (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:479-480

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Sabrina Amodio (*)

Barremian-Aptian shallow-water carbonates of Monte Faito (Sorrento Peninsula, southern Italy). Microstratigraphy, cyclostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:482-483

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Erlisiana Anzalone (*) & Bruno D'Argenio (*) &Vittoria Ferreri (*)

Intrinsic feedbacks and external controls on travertine productivity

Volume:11/2010      Pages:484

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Andrea Brogi (*), Enrico Capezzuoli (*), Elena Buracchi (*), Marilì Branca (**) & Mario Voltaggio (**)

The tectonic control on the deposition of Pleistocene continental carbonates in the Sarteano area (southern Tuscany)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:485-486

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Giuseppe Buono (*)

Dimerelloidea (Brachiopoda): a chemosynthetic-based life style monophyletic group?

Volume:11/2010      Pages:487

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Giuseppe Buono (*)

Toarcian (late Early Jurassic) Thethyan Brachiopods: palaeobiogeography and response to palaeoenvironmental variations

Volume:11/2010      Pages:488

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Giuseppe Buono (*) & Federico Famiani (**)

The Pliensbachian Brachiopod fauna of Case Canepine (Monti Martani, Umbria) in the contest of Liassic carbonate platforms of Tethys

Volume:11/2010      Pages:489

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Giuseppe Buono (*), Luis-Felipe Opazo Mella (*), Brett Metcalfe (**), Mena Schemm Gregory (***) & Richard Twitchett (*)

Testing brachiopod faunal turnovers across the Permian-Triassic (P-Tr) and Triassic-Jurassic (Tr-J) mass extinctions events

Volume:11/2010      Pages:490

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Enrico Capezzuoli (*), Andrea Brogi (*), Anna Gandin (*) & Mehmet Ozkul (**)

Migration of banded travertine during the evolution of the tectonically controlled Çukurbag travertine fissure-ridge (Pamukkale, Denizli Basin, Turkey)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:491-492

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Simona Esposito (*), Vincenzo Di Fiore (*), Vittoria Ferreri (*) & Bruno D'Argenio (*)

Paleoclimatic record of the terminal Pleistocene in a stalagmite from Southern Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:493-494

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Anna Gandin (*)

Travertine and Calcareous tufa: distinctive fabrics and related isotopic signatures

Volume:11/2010      Pages:495

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Nicola Giordano (*), Gloria Ciarapica (*), Angela Bertinelli (*) & Manuel Rigo (**)

Different depositional environment in the Lagonegro Basin during the Norian-Rhaetian time interval (Southern Apennines, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:496-497

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Kaveh Khasar (*) & Keyvan Khasar (**)

Coral Assemblages of Mobarak Formation in the Vali-abad section, south of Marzan-Abad, North Iran

Volume:11/2010      Pages:498

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Marco Massini (*), Marianna Ricci (*), Miguel Barbieri (*), Leonardo Piccini (*) & Adele Bertini (*)

Paleoenvironmental evidence from sedimentological and palynologic data of the late Quaternary cave-fills in the Buca dell'Onice (Massa, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:499

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Johannes Pignatti (*), Virgilio Frezza (*), Andrea Benedetti (*), Federico Carbone (**) & Ruggero Matteucci (*)

Present-day carbonate-siliciclastic sedimentation and foraminiferal assemblages along the coast of southern Somalia and northern Kenya

Volume:11/2010      Pages:500-501

Full Text

Cristiano Ricci (*), Alessandro Lanfranchi (**), Favio Jadoul (**) & Giovanni Rusciadelli (*)

Quantitative analysis of ancient reefs: looking for a correct approach. A case study from the reef facies of Mt. Bardia formation (Late Tithonian- Berriasian, Easter Sardinia)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:502-503

Full Text

Marianna Ricci (*), Adele Bertini (*), Enrico Capezzuoli (**), Severine Fauquette (***), Mariaelena Fedi (°), Nada Horvatincic (°°) & Fabio Sandrelli (**)

Quaternary calcareous tufa and travertine in Tuscany (central Italy): paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic reconstructions

Volume:11/2010      Pages:504

Full Text

Giovanni Rusciadelli (*), Cristiano Ricci (*) & Bernard Lathuiliére (**)

The Ellipsactinia limestones of the Marsica area (Central Apennines): a reference zonation model for Upper Jurassic Intra-Tethys reefs complexes

Volume:11/2010      Pages:505


Full Text

Vanni Badino (*), Gian Andrea Blengini (**), Mauro Fornaro (***) & Andrea Giuliani (***)

The needs for mineral raw materials for the sustainable production in the international framework

Volume:11/2010      Pages:508-509

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Giuseppe Baldassarre (*) & Nicola Palumbo (**)

Difficult coexistence of extractive planning of dimensional stones in the quarrying activity and territorial planning in Apulia

Volume:11/2010      Pages:510

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Gianluca Beccaris (*), Emanuele Scotti (*), Francesco Di Ceglia (*) & Sonja Prandi (*)

Asbestos control in Ligurian ophiolites

Volume:11/2010      Pages:511-512

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Gianpietro Bezzon (*), Gianpaolo Buso (*), Ivan Callegari (**), Tommaso Colonna (**), Enrico Guastaldi (**), Fabio Mantovani (***, °), Sara Mariani (*, °), Giovanni Massa (**), Carlos Rossi Alvarez (°°), Manjola Shyti (***, °), Gerti Xhixha (*** & °)

Preliminary results for the characterization of the radiological levels of rocks in Tuscany Region

Volume:11/2010      Pages:513-514

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Filippo Bonciani (*), Ivan Callegari (*), Luigi Carmignani (*), Alice Farinelli (*), Luca Grazzini (*), Enrico Guastaldi (*), Marco Iannini (*), Assunta Sfalanga (*) & Cecilia Viti (**)

Mutlidisciplinary procedure for estimating the amount of asbestos in the environment and natural hazard assessment by fiber release; case study in the south of the Arno river, Tuscany

Volume:11/2010      Pages:515-516

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Sabrina Bonetto (*), Riccardo Ricci (**) & Irene Sacerdote (***)

Raw materials for lime, concrete and gypsum production in Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:517-518

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Giorgio Bozzola (*), Giovanna Antonella Dino (**), Mauro Fornaro (**) & Alessio Lorenzi (*)

Technological innovations and secondary raw materials obtained from a virtuous management of wastes connected to mining activities: the examples of Gruppo Minerali Maffei S.p.A

Volume:11/2010      Pages:519-520

Full Text

Luigi Carmignani (*, **), Paolo Conti (*, **), Giovanni Massa (*, **), Luca Vaselli (*, **), Sergio Mancini (*, **), Assunta Sfalanga (*, **), Alice Farinelli (*, **), Marco Iannini (* & **)

Maps and database of marble and quarry activities of the Alpi Apuane (Tuscany)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:522-523

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Giovanna Cascone (*) & Alessandra Casini (**)

The karst area and the preindustrial mines of the Campiglia Marittima Ridge (LI -Tuscany)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:524-525

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Giovanna Cascone (*) & Barbara Ghiribelli (*)

The archaeological area of San Gaetano di Vada (LI): lithological and petrographic characterization of marble artefacts from HORREA and thermal baths

Volume:11/2010      Pages:526-527

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Daniele Castelli (*), Laura Gaggero (**), Paolo Mazzoleni (***) & Sergio Rocchi (°)

The classification of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and the UNI/CEN terminology of natural stones

Volume:11/2010      Pages:528-529

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Stefano Cuccuru (*), Paola Mameli (*) & Antonio Brundu (*)

Building materials of the prehistoric altar of Monte d'Accoddi (Sassari-Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:530-531

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Giulia Da Prato (*), Anna Gioncada (*), Leonardo Leoni (*) & Marco Lezzerini (*)

Effect of thermal stress on hydric dilatation of clay-bearing stone materials: preliminary experiments on some "Macigno" sandstones

Volume:11/2010      Pages:532-533

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Michele Dondi (*)

Brick clays in Italy: deposits and trends 1960-2010

Volume:11/2010      Pages:534

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Maurizio Gomez Serito (*)

The restoration of the stone between theory and needs

Volume:11/2010      Pages:535-536

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Giorgio Iabichino (*) & Masantonio Cravero (*)

Geomechanical monitoring and stress measurements in open pit and underground marble quarries

Volume:11/2010      Pages:537-538

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Alberto Lagazzo (*), Rodolfo Botter (*), Roberto Cabella (**) & Marco Lezzerini (***)

Decomposition-sintering dilatometer method to study the effect of limestone impurities on lime microstructure

Volume:11/2010      Pages:539-540

Full Text

Sergio Mancini (*)

The historical marbles in Tuscany: a proposal of a new method of classification

Volume:11/2010      Pages:541-542

Full Text

Carlo Marini (*), Stefano Naitza (**) & Fabio Granitzio (***)

Mineral resources and economic availability of Industrial Minerals and Rocks in Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:543-544

Full Text

Sergio Matteoli (*), Giuseppe Nirta (*) & Elisa Livi (*)

The detailed geological field analysis as a powerful tool for deposit evaluation and quarry development: case studies from Tunisia and Egypt

Volume:11/2010      Pages:545

Full Text

Daniela Novembre (*), Domingo Gimeno (**) & Bruno Di Sabatino (*)

Experimental results from a pilot plant for the ammonia removal from superficial waste waters by the use of an Italian volcanic zeolitite

Volume:11/2010      Pages:546-547

Full Text

Daniela Novembre (*), Antonio Pasculli (**), Carla Pace (*), Domingo Gimeno (***) & Bruno Di Sabatino (*)

Synthesis of sodalite from natural kaolinite: a way to simulate the loss in weight of chlorine during the synthesis process by an analytical and mathematical modeling

Volume:11/2010      Pages:548-549

Full Text

Piero Primavori (*)

State of the art of the dimension stones sector in Italy. A synopsis

Volume:11/2010      Pages:550-551

Full Text

Antonio Puccini (*), Stefano Cuccuru (*), Daniele Sechi (*), Giacomo Oggiano (*), Fabio Mantovani (**), Gerti Xhixha (**) & Sara Mariani (***)

Natural radioactivity in Sardinian granite dimension stones

Volume:11/2010      Pages:552-553

Full Text

Domenico Savoca (*)

Strategic proposals for the implementation of a national non-energy raw-materials policy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:554

Full Text

Alessandro Tomasi (*)

The sustainable development and the administration of the porphyry quarries in the Province of Trento (Provincia Autonoma di Trento)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:555-556

Full Text

Gabriele Vola (*)

Geo-petrographic and lito-applicative characterization of the Zandobbio "marble" from lower Val Cavallina, Bergamo

Volume:11/2010      Pages:557-558

Full Text

Gabriele Vola (*), Luca Alciati (**), Elena Di Majo (***) & Laura Fiora (°)

Geo-petrographic and lito-applicative characterization of the Volpinite "marble" (Bardiglio of Bergamo), from lower Val Camonica

Volume:11/2010      Pages:559-560

Full Text

Gabriele Vola (*), Corrado Stanislao (**), Concetta Rispoli (**), Vincenzo Morra (**) & Maurizio De Gennaro (**)

Petrographic quantitative analysis of pozzolanic mortars from ancient Roman marine concrete cores, drilled by Romacons team (2006-2009)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:561-562

Full Text

Marco Amanti (*) & Giuseppe Catalano (**)

Landslides in urban areas: the eastern slope of the Monteverde hill in Rome

Volume:11/2010      Pages:564-565

Full Text

Alessandro Ballini (*), Cristian Lussana (**) & Gregorio Mannucci (*)

Weather and geotechnical monitoring at "Marco e Rosa De Marchi" resort (q. 3610 m), Guzza ridge – southern side of Pizzo Bernina (Alpi Retiche, Sondrio)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:566-567


Full Text

Carlo Baroni (*), Paolo Mannucci (*), Giuseppe Bruschi (**) & Adriano Ribolini (*)

Geomorphological map and model of the Carrara Marble Basins (Tuscany, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:568

Full Text

Masood Beheshtirad (*), Mohamad Reza Sarvati (**) & Neda Noormandipoor (*)

Landslide hazard zonation using multiple regression (Iran)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:569-570

Full Text

Paolo Budetta (*), Gerardo Lombardi (**) & Michele Nappi (*)

Application of the Rockfall Hazard Rating System modified to a road affected by high traffic intensity

Volume:11/2010      Pages:571-572

Full Text

Leonardo Cascini (*), Silvio Di Nocera (**), Fabio Matano (**), Michele Calvello (*), Sabatino Cuomo (*) & Settimio Ferlisi (*)

On the reliability of landslide inventory mapping: the case study of Monte Albino, Nocera Inferiore (southern Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:573-574

Full Text

Sara Elisa Domenica Castagna (*) & Giuseppe Mandrone (**)

Lithotechnical characterization for debris flow triggering analysis in South-Western Alps (Cuneo-Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:575-576

Full Text

Fabio Castaldi (*), Ugo Chiocchini (*) & Luigi Portoghesi (**)

Evaluation of reforestation effects through multitemporal investigation in drainage basins affected by badland erosion, Radicofani (Tuscany)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:577-578

Full Text

Giacomo D'Amato Avanzi (*), Susanna Duchi (*), Yuri Galanti (*), Roberto Giannecchini (*) & Diego Lo Presti (**)

Geotechnical characterization of the Macigno Fm. debris by dynamic penetration tests in the Serchio River basin (Tuscany, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:579-580

Full Text

Giacomo D'Amato Avanzi (*), Francesco Falaschi (**), Roberto Giannecchini (*), Daria Marchetti (*), Alberto Pochini (*) & Alberto Puccinelli (*)

Geomechanical features and landslide susceptibility of rock formations in Northern Tuscany (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:581-582

Full Text

Giacomo D'Amato Avanzi (*), Yuri Galanti (*) & Roberto Giannecchini (*)

The landslides triggered by the December 2009 meteorological events in North-Western Tuscany (Italy): first results

Volume:11/2010      Pages:583-584

Full Text

Giacomo D'Amato Avanzi (*), Daria Marchetti (*) & Alessandro De Rosa (*)

Slope stability analysis of the S. Maria in Castello sanctuary's rock (Vecchiano, Tuscany, Italy): geomechanical characterization and distinct elements numerical modeling

Volume:11/2010      Pages:585

Full Text

Jo De Waele (*), Mario L.V. Martina (*), Laura Sanna (**), Antonello Cossu (***) & Salvatore Cabras (°)

The use of flash flood events in fluviokarst canyons to evidence loosing reaches through hydrological modeling and empirical peak flow estimation

Volume:11/2010      Pages:586-587

Full Text

Sossio Del Prete (*), Giuseppe Di Crescenzo (**), Luca Di Iorio (*) & Antonio Santo (**)

The event of November 10, 2009 at Casamicciola on the island of Ischia. A report on the interaction between flooding and landslides

Volume:11/2010      Pages:588

Full Text

Piero Farabollini (*), Mario Mentoni (**) & Marina Allegrezza (***)

The multi-disciplinary approach to studying the evolution of landslides: the example of Pescacci flow in the Miocene-Pliocene Marchean pre-apennine (central Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:589

Full Text

Paolo Roberto Federici (*), Alberto Puccinelli (*), Giacomo D'Amato Avanzi (*), Francesco Falaschi (*), Roberto Giannecchini (*), Daria Marchetti (*), Alberto Pochini (*), Franco Rapetti (*) & Adriano Ribolini (*)

Assessing landslide hazard: the slope instability hazard map of the Castelnuovo di Garfagnana territory (Tuscany, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:590-591

Full Text

Roberto Giannecchini (*) & Giacomo D'Amato Avanzi (*)

Historical data and flood/landslide hazard: main results in the Versilia River basin (Tuscany, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:592-593

Full Text

Roberto Giannecchini (*), Dino Damilano (*) & Alberto Puccinelli (*)

Critical rainfall thresholds for triggering rapid shallow landslides in the Eastern Ligurian Riviera (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:594-595

Full Text

Paolo M. Guarino (*) & Stefania Nisio (*)

Sinkhole hazard in urban areas. A case study from Naples (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:596-597

Full Text

Giulio G.R. Iovine (*), Annamaria D. Pellegrino (**) & Oreste G. Terranova (*)

Debris-flow susceptibility assessment in the "Costa Viola" mountain ridge (southern Calabria): the Favazzina study area

Volume:11/2010      Pages:598-599

Full Text

Gaetano Ladisa (*), Mladen Todorovic (*) & Giuliana Trisorio Liuzzi (**)

The evaluation of a new ESAs approach for the assessment of desertification risk in Apulia region (southern Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:600

Full Text

Franca Maraga (*), Virgilio Anselmo (**), Gianfranca Bellardone (***), Furio Dutto (°), Federica Filippi (°°) & Luisa Pellegrini (°°°)

Characters of fluvial risk in Po alluvial plain

Volume:11/2010      Pages:601-602

Full Text

Stefania Nisio (*)

Sinkholes: new cases. Some examples from Umbria region (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:604-605

Full Text

Annamaria Pellegrino (*) & Tiziana La Pietra (*)

Impact and benefit profits of a combined approach based on the use of multi -interferometric analysis (acquisition of ERS – ENVISAT PS ) applied to a pre-existing landslide invent

Volume:11/2010      Pages:606-607

Full Text

Daniela Tarallo (*), Antonio Rapolla (*, **), Silvio Di Nocera (*), Fabio Matano (*) & Valeria Paoletti (*)

Grade-2 zonation on susceptibility to seismic-induced landslides in the Irpinia-Sannio areas, southern Apennines, Italy

Volume:11/2010      Pages:608-609

Full Text

Oreste G. Terranova (*), Stefano L. Gariano (*), Pasquale Iaquinta (*) & Giulio G.R. Iovine (*)

An attempt to model the relationships between rainfall and landslide occurrence in Calabria

Volume:11/2010      Pages:610-611

Full Text

Vincenzo Amato (*), Pietro P.C. Aucelli (**), Massimo Cesarano (*), Gerardo Pappone (**), Paola Petrosino (***), Carmen M. Rosskopf (*) & Elda Russo Ermolli (***)

New chrono-stratigraphic data on the Boiano basin infilling (Molise, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:614-615

Full Text

Carlo Bartolini (*), Carlo Tacconi Stefanelli (*), Enrico Capezzuoli (**) & Fabio Sandrelli (**)

The minor semi-graben of the Elsa River upper reach: a hydrographic puzzle

Volume:11/2010      Pages:616-617

Full Text

Roberto Basili (*) & Chiara D'Ambrogi (**)

Provenance of the Amatrice Basin (central Apennines) infill: implications for the long-term activity of the Mt. Gorzano fault

Volume:11/2010      Pages:618-619

Full Text

Fernando Calamita (*), Sara Satolli (*) & Alessandra Di Domenica (*)

Quaternary intermontane basins in the Central Apennines inherited from pre-thrusting normal faults

Volume:11/2010      Pages:620-621

Full Text

Maria Di Nezza (*), Michele Di Filippo (*, **) & Fernando Ferri (***)

Gravity features of the Middle Aterno Valley

Volume:11/2010      Pages:622

Full Text

Fernando Ferri (*), Valeria Eulilli (*), Luca Maria Puzzilli (*), Stefano Calcaterra (*) & Claudio Pulsinelli (*)

Geophysical surveys in some intermountain basins of the Central Appenines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:623-624

Full Text

Biagio Giaccio (*), Paolo Galli (**), Paolo Messina (*), Emanuela Falcucci (***), Fabrizio Galadini (***), Stefano Gori (***) & Giancarlo Scardia (***)

Tectonic and sedimentary evolution of the past 1 Myr in the L'Aquila 2009 mesoseismic region, central Apennine

Volume:11/2010      Pages:625-626

Full Text

Laura Melelli (*), Massimiliano Barchi (*), Francesco Brozzetti (**), Andrea Lupattelli (*), Francesco Mirabella (*), Fausto Pazzaglia (*), Stefano Pucci (***) & Laura Saccucci (*)

Morphotectonic evolution of High Tiber Valley (Umbria, Italy) related to an active low angle normal fault segmentation

Volume:11/2010      Pages:627-628

Full Text

Luisa Sabato (*), Marcello Tropeano (*) & Vincenzo Onofrio (*)

Quaternary lacustrine sedimentation in the Sant'Arcangelo Basin (Southern Apennines)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:629-630

Full Text

Gemma Aiello (*), Ennio Marsella (*) & Stefano Ruggieri (*)

Three-dimensional magnetic and seismic reconstruction of the "Torre del Greco" volcanic structure (Vesuvius, Naples Bay)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:632-633

Full Text

Riccardo G. Boschetto (*) & Monica Zanini (**)

Pedologic variability of soils on volcanic substrates: the case of Mount Artemisio

Volume:11/2010      Pages:634

Full Text

Stefano Carlino (*), Elena Cubellis (*), Ilia Delizia (**) & Giuseppe Luongo (***)

The opening of the natural harbour of Ischia (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:635-636

Full Text

Stefano Carlino (*) & Renato Somma (*)

Factors controlling volcano-dynamic of large calderas: the example of Campi Flegrei (Southern Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:637-638

Full Text

Céline Fourmentraux (*), Nicole Métrich (*, **), Antonella Bertagnini (*) & Mauro Rosi (***)

Eruptive processes in the Averno 2 eruption (Campi Flegrei, Italy): constraints based on geochemistry of bulk pumices, glassy matrices and melt inclusions

Volume:11/2010      Pages:639

Full Text

Roberto Isaia (*), Paola Marianelli (**) & Alessandro Sbrana (**)

Caldera unrest prior to intense volcanism in Campi Flegrei (Italy) at 4.0 ka B.P.: implications for caldera dynamics and future eruptive scenarios

Volume:11/2010      Pages:640


Full Text

Giuseppe Luongo (*), Stefano Carlino (**), Elena Cubellis (**) & Francesco Obrizzo (**)

Conceptual model of shallow magma feeding system for Ischia Island (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:641-642

Full Text

Daniela Mele (*), Roberto Sulpizio (*), Pierfrancesco Dellino (*) & Luigi La Volpe (*)

Stratigraphy and eruptive dynamics of a long-lasting Plinian eruption of Somma-Vesuvius: the Pomici di Mercato (8900 years B.P.)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:643

Full Text

Francesco Obrizzo (*), Prospero De Martino (*), Giuseppe De Natale (*), Folco Pingue (*), Umberto Tammaro (*), Claudia Troise (*) & Paolo Capuano (**)

Unrest at Campi Flegrei Caldera (Southern Italy) during the last decade

Volume:11/2010      Pages:644-645

Full Text

Alessandro Sbrana (*), Paolo Fulignati (*) & Paola Marianelli (*)

Fast exhumation of a magmatic-hydrothermal system in a resurgent caldera environment. The example of Ischia Island (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:646-647

Full Text

Renato Somma (*), Thomas Wiersberg (**), Alessandro Fedele (*) & Giuseppe De Natale (*)

Continuous in situ measurements of gases at Pisciarelli - Phelgrean Field

Volume:11/2010      Pages:648-649

Full Text

Roberto Sulpizio (*), Giovanni Zanchetta (**), Benoit Caron (**), Pierfrancesco Dellino (*), Daniela Mele (*), Donatella Insinga (***), Martine Paterne (°), Giuseppe Siani (°°) & Roberto Santacroce (**)

Evaluating the regional volcanic ash hazard of Neapolitan volcanoes from geological data

Volume:11/2010      Pages:650-651

Full Text

Franco Tassi (*), Orlando Vaselli (*), Dario Tedesco (**) & Robert Poreda (***)

Submarine and sub-aereal gas discharge from the Phlegrean Fields (southern Italy): geochemical clues for a common hydrothermal-magmatic source

Volume:11/2010      Pages:652-653

Full Text

Alessandra Ascione (*), Stefano Mazzoli (*), Antonio Pignalosa (**), Ettore Valente (*) & Massimiliano Zattin (***)

Pliocene-Quaternary uplift of the Southern Apennines: constraints from geomorphological, apatite fission tracks and (U-Th)/He data

Volume:11/2010      Pages:656-657

Full Text

Maria Laura Balestrieri (*), Valerio Olivetti (**), Finlay M. Stuart (***), Claudio Faccenna (**) & Gianluca Vignaroli (**)

Middle Miocene out-of-sequence thrusting and successive exhumation in the Peloritani Mts, Sicily: late stage evolution of an orogen unraveled by apatite fission-track and (U-Th)He thermochronometry

Volume:11/2010      Pages:658-659

Full Text

Stefano Catalano (*), Giuseppe Tortorici (*) & Gino Romagnoli (*)

Late Quaternary marine terracing and fault displacement in eastern Sicily: two distinct modes of faulting-induced deformation

Volume:11/2010      Pages:660

Full Text

Marta Della Seta (*) & Francesco Troiani (**)

Geomorphological response of fluvial and coastal terraces to Quaternary tectonics and climate in the northern Marche coastal area (central Italy) from geostatistical topographic analysis

Volume:11/2010      Pages:661-662

Full Text

Giorgio Di Fiore (*), Matthew Fox (**), Frederic Herman (**), Matteo Massironi (***) & Massimiliano Zattin (***)

Thermochronological modeling of the western Lepontine Dome

Volume:11/2010      Pages:663-664

Full Text

Claudio Faccenna (*) & Thorsten W. Becker (**)

Dynamic Topography and microplate motion in the Mediterranean

Volume:11/2010      Pages:665

Full Text

Maurizio Gasparo Morticelli (*), Valeria Lo Presti (*), Fabrizio Antonioli (**), Carmelo Monaco (***), Attilio Sulli (*) & Agnese Zuccarello (°)

Spatial extent of vertical tectonic motions in northern Sicily using Holocene and Last Interglacial sea level markers: a case study between Acquedolci and Capo d'Orlando

Volume:11/2010      Pages:666-667

Full Text

Fausto Guzzetti (*), Federica Fiorucci (**), Francesca Ardizzone (*), Mauro Cardinali (*), Mauro Rossi (*), Alessandro Cesare Mondini (*, **), Paola Reichenbach (*), Michele Santangelo (*) & Daniela Valigi (**)

Landslide volumes and evaluation of landslide mobilization rates in an area in Umbria, central Apennines

Volume:11/2010      Pages:668-669

Full Text

Valeria Lo Presti (*), Maurizio Gasparo Morticelli (*), Fabrizio Antonioli (**), Attilio Sulli (*) & Raimondo Catalano (*)

The Brolo Island, a lentil in the "Ocean"

Volume:11/2010      Pages:670-671

Full Text

Paola Molin (*), Simone Sperini (*), Valentina N. Scotti (*) & Floare Grecu (**)

The topography of the Romanian Carpathians: the interaction of mantle dynamics, crustal tectonics and surface processes

Volume:11/2010      Pages:672-673

Full Text

Enrico Santoro (*), Luigi Ferranti (**), Carmelo Monaco (*) & Lucilla Benedetti (***)

Dating marine depositional terraces along the Ionian coast of Northern Calabria with 36Cl surface exposure dating

Volume:11/2010      Pages:674-675

Full Text

Paolo Stocchi (*),Wouter Van der Wal (*), Bert Vermeersen (*) & Roderik Van der Wal (**)

Glacio-hydro-isostatic adjustment in Fennoscandia: a review about numerical approaches, Earth rheology and ice-sheet modeling

Volume:11/2010      Pages:676

Full Text

Andrea Argnani (*), Francesco Mazzarini (**), Marina Bisson (**), Claudia Bonazzi (*) & Ilaria Isola (**)

Deformation of Mount Etna substrate: hints from offshore seismic reflection profiles

Volume:11/2010      Pages:678-679

Full Text

Fabrizio Balsamo (*) & Fabrizio Storti (*)

Microstructural and petrophysical characterization of a coseismic (?) fault zone in poorly lithified sands from the Crotone basin

Volume:11/2010      Pages:680

Full Text

Riccardo Caputo (*), Marcello Bianca (**) & Rocco D'Onofrio (***)

Ionian marine terraces of Southern Italy: insights into the Quaternary tectonic evolution of the area

Volume:11/2010      Pages:681-682

Full Text

Luigi Ferranti (*), Fabrizio Antonioli (**), Marco Anzidei (***), Carmelo Monaco (°) & Paolo Stocchi (°°)

The timescale and spatial extent of vertical tectonic motions in Italy: insights from coastal tectonic studies

Volume:11/2010      Pages:683-684

Full Text

Francesca Ferraris (*), Laura Federico (*) & Laura Crispini (*)

Integration of structural and geomorphological data from the Western Ligurian Alps: creation of a GIS database and inferences for the morphotectonics of the area

Volume:11/2010      Pages:685-686

Full Text

Carmelo Monaco (*), Fabrizio Antonioli (**), Luigi Ferranti (***), Cecilia Rita Spampinato (*) & Giovanni Scicchitano (*)

The contribution of coseismic deformation to relative sea level change during the Holocene: examples from the coastal areas of north-eastern Sicily and southern Calabria

Volume:11/2010      Pages:689-690

Full Text

Silvia Orioli (*), Gloria M. Ristuccia (**, ***), Carmelo Monaco (***), Anna M. Gueli (**), Giuseppe Stella (**), Sebastiano O. Troja (**) & Giuseppe Giunta (*)

Luminescence chronology of Pleistocene marine terraces of the Sant'Agata di Militello coastal sector (north-eastern Sicily)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:691

Full Text

Enrico Santoro (*), Luigi Ferranti (**), Carmelo Monaco (*), Pierfrancesco Burrato (***), Maria Enrica Mazzella (**) & Danilo Morelli (°)

Uplift and folding of Pleistocene marine terraces along the Ionian Sea coast of northern Calabria: field analysis and model results

Volume:11/2010      Pages:692-693

Full Text

Luigi Vadacca (*) & Eugenio Carminati (**)

2D and 3D numerical simulations of the present-day state of stress of the active Ferrara fold-and thrust belt

Volume:11/2010      Pages:694-695

Full Text

Chiara Amadori (*) & Francesco Grossi (*)

The "Ardito Desio" geopaleontological museum of Rocca di Cave (Prenestini Mountains, Latium): an example of Earth science didactics and education

Volume:11/2010      Pages:698

Full Text

Gianfranco Battisti (*)

Teaching geography of energy, not just an educational issue

Volume:11/2010      Pages:699-700

Full Text

Jo De Waele (*)

Teaching resources in speleology and karst: a set of useful online powerpoint lectures created by the Italian Speleological Society

Volume:11/2010      Pages:701-702

Full Text

Giovanni Giurco (*) & Michele Stoppa (*)

The didactics of geosciences at secondary schools: state of the art and future perspectives

Volume:11/2010      Pages:703-704

Full Text

Enrico Miccadei (*), Sebastiano Miscia (*), Leandro D'Alessandro (*), Milena Impicciatore (*), Tommaso Piacentini (*), Maurizio Preziuso (**) & Gianluca Esposito (***)

Geoscience for the challenge of the technical and scientific knowledge at the University "G. d'Annunzio" of Chieti-Pescara

Volume:11/2010      Pages:705-706

Full Text

Annamaria Pellegrino (*)

An enchanted garden called "Planet Earth"

Volume:11/2010      Pages:707-708

Full Text

Michele Stoppa (*)

The didactics of geosciences at the university: the experience of the P.I.D.D.AM. standing workshop

Volume:11/2010      Pages:709

Full Text

Gemma Aiello (*), Ennio Marsella (*), Vincenzo Di Fiore (*) & Claudio D'Isanto (**)

The Salerno Valley (Campania continental margin, Italy): stratigraphic and structural styles and morpho-bathymetry of a Pleistocene half-graben

Volume:11/2010      Pages:712-713

Full Text

Angela Baldanza (*), Roberto Bizzarri (**) & Irene Luccioni (***)

Resedimentation evidences in the Early Pleistocene Camerano section (Ancona, Marches, Central Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:714-715

Full Text

Cinzia Bottini (*), Anthony Cohen (**), Elisabetta Erba (*) & Hugh Jenkyns (***)

The Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a: excess volcanogenic CO2 triggering ocean acidification, biocalcification crisis, fertilization, accelerated weathering

Volume:11/2010      Pages:716

Full Text

Vito Bracone (*), Pietro P.C. Aucelli (**), Carmen M. Rosskopf (*) & Alessandro Amorosi (***)

Stratigraphy and tectono-sedimentary evolution of the periadriatic basin between Trigno and Fortore rivers (Southern Apennines)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:717-718

Full Text

Nicola Calda (*) & Fabio Molinari (**)

Low-enthalpy geothermal reservoirs in the buried thrust front of the Apennines: exploration in the alluvial plain south of Parma

Volume:11/2010      Pages:719-720

Full Text

Domenico Cannata (*) & Massimo Santantonio (*)

Jurassic paleogeography and Neogene faulting at Corno di Catria (Marche, northern Apennines)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:721-722

Full Text

Valentina Cantarelli (*), Luca Aldega (**), Sveva Corrado (**), Chiara Invernizzi (*) & Antonio Casas-Sainz (***)

Late Paleozoic basin evolution of the Aragón-Béarn Basin (Western Pyrenees): insight from thermal indicators

Volume:11/2010      Pages:723-724

Full Text

Gianluca Cornamusini (*, **) & Alessandro Ielpi (*)

Provenance, depositional and palaeogeographic insights from the coarse-disorganised deposits of the Macigno turbidite systems (late Oligocene-early Miocene, Northern Apennines)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:725-726

Full Text

Alessandro Decarlis (*), Giorgio Dallagiovanna (*), Alberto Lualdi (*), Matteo Maino (*) & Silvio Seno (*)

Basin analysis and tectonostratigraphy: an integrated approach to decipher the Ligurian Alps geodynamics

Volume:11/2010      Pages:727-728

Full Text

Simone Fabbi (*) & Massimo Santantonio (*)

A megaclastic basin-fill Jurassic succession at Montagna dei Fiori (Abruzzo, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:729-730

Full Text

Calogero Gugliotta (*)

"Inner" and "outer" wedge-top sequences in the Late Miocene Sicilian Foreland Basin System; inferences from the Upper Tortonian–Lower Messinian Terravecchia Fm. of NW Sicily

Volume:11/2010      Pages:731-732

Full Text

Calogero Gugliotta (*) & Mauro Agate (*)

Tectonically-enhanced deposition in the Late Tortonian Scillato Basin (N Sicily): a sequence stratigraphic view

Volume:11/2010      Pages:733-734

Full Text

Calogero Gugliotta (*) & Maurizio Gasparo Morticelli (*)

Evidences of a polyphasic tectonics in a sedimentary basin developed above an orogenic belt; the Scillato Basin study case (N Sicily)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:735-736

Full Text

Calogero Gugliotta (*), Giuseppe Avellone (*), Maurizio Gasparo Morticelli (*) & Mauro Agate (*)

Constraining the onset and development of "deep-seated" tectonics in the Sicilian thrust belt; field data from northern Sicily

Volume:11/2010      Pages:737-738

Full Text

Kaveh Khaksar (*) & Mohammed Reza Kebriaee-Zadeh (**)

Lower Carboniferous biostratigraphy, paleoecology and biogeography of Balast section, north of Damghan, Iran

Volume:11/2010      Pages:739

Full Text

Kaveh Khaksar (*), Fatemeh Rezvan Nia (**), Mohamad R. Kebriaee Zade (**) & Keyvan Khaksar (***)

Corals association in the Mobarak formation, section of South Vali-Abade, in Marzan-Abad (North Iran)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:740

Full Text

Ivan Martini (*), Mauro Aldinucci (**) & Fabio Sandrelli (*)

Sequence stratigraphic architecture of the Pliocene strata of the northern Siena Basin (Tuscany, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:741

Full Text

Marcello Tropeano (*), Luisa Sabato (*) Antonietta Cilumbriello (*) & Piero Pieri (*)

Stratigraphic architecture of basin-margin deposits in the Bradanic Trough: changes in geodynamics vs. sea-level changes

Volume:11/2010      Pages:742-743

Full Text

Renzo Valloni (*) & Nicola Calda (*)

Source - Basin Relations in the Miocene Turibidites of the Apennines (Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:744-745

Full Text

Marco Brandano (*), Laura Tomassetti (*), Francesca Bosellini (**) & Andrea Mazzucchi (*)

Depositional model and paleodepth reconstruction of a coral-rich, mixed siliciclastic-carbonate system: the Burdigalian of Capo Testa (Northern Sardinia, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:748-749

Full Text

Domenico Chiarella (*), Sergio G. Longhitano (*), Luigi Spalluto (**) & Marcello Tropeano (**)

The bryomol carbonate factory of a mixed depositional system in the Gelasian thrust-top setting of Acerenza (south-Apennines, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:750-751

Full Text

Sandro De Muro (*), Tiziana Batzella (*), Giovanni De Falco (**) & Marco Porta (*)

Sedimentological map of Bonifacio Strait inner shelf

Volume:11/2010      Pages:752-753

Full Text

Sandro De Muro (*), Claudio Kalb (*), Angelo Ibba (*), Fabrizio Ferraro (*) & Concetta Ferrara (*)

Sedimentary processes, morphodynamics and sedimentological map of "Porto Campana" SCI beaches (Domus De Maria - SW Sardinia)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:754-755

Full Text

Sandro De Muro (*), Nicola Pusceddu (*) & Claudio Kalb (*)

Sedimentological map of the seafloor between Porto Pozzo Bay and Capo Ferro - NE Sardinia

Volume:11/2010      Pages:756-757

Full Text

Virgilio Frezza (*), Alessio Baldassarre (*), Giovanni Gaglianone (*), Guillem Mateu-Vicens (**), Marco Brandano (* & ***)

Sediments and foraminiferal assemblages in Posidonia oceanica seagrass: two cases in the Central Tyrrhenian Sea (Latium, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:758-759

Full Text

Anna Gandin (*)

Tectonic control on the sedimentary architecture of Early Mesozoic mixed siliciclastic-carbonate Pseudoverrucano successions (southern Tuscany, Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:760

Full Text

Laura Tomassetti (*), Marco Brandano (*) & Francesca Bosellini (**)

Burdigalian coral facies of Eastern Bonifacio basin (southern Corsica)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:761

Full Text

Marcello Tropeano (*), Luisa Sabato (*) & Luigi Spalluto (*)

Mixed litho-bioclastic carbonates in Apulia (southern Italy)

Volume:11/2010      Pages:762-763

Full Text

Marcello Tropeano (*), Luigi Spalluto (*), Gabriele Carannante (**), Massimo Moretti (*), Luisa Sabato (*) & Lucia Simone (**)

Present-day sedimentation on Apulia shelf (southern Italy): mixed vs. carbonate environments

Volume:11/2010      Pages:764

Full Text



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