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Supplemento n. 1 al Vol. 35/2015
Edited by: Elisabetta Erba & Stefano Poli
May 2015
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Elisabetta Erba & Stefano Poli


Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 3-4

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Lucia Angiolini, Cinzia Bottini, Elisabetta Erba, Maria Rose Petrizzo & Andrea Tintori

Past excess CO2 worlds: biota responses to extreme warmth and ocean acidification

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 5

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Lucia Angiolini, Gaia Crippa & Claudio Garbelli

Are fossil invertebrate calcifiers good proxies for past seawater pCO2?

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 6

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Roberto Sergio Azzoni1, Antonella Senese, Andrea Zerboni1, Guglielmina Diolaiuti1, Andrea Franzetti2 & Roberto Ambrosini2

The glacier ecosystem role in the carbon cycle: the case study of Forni Glacier

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 7

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Donato Belmonte1, Mauro Prencipe2 & Azzurra Zucchini3

Thermodynamics of carbonates at deep mantle conditions: some new perspectives

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 8

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Cinzia Bottini & Elisabetta Erba

Nannofossil carbonate paleofluxes as proxy for pCO2 during the Aptian

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 9

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Barbara Cantucci, Alessandra Sciarra & Monia Procesi

Carbon geochemistry and georesources evaluation

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 10

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Carlo Cardellini1, Giovanni Chiodini2, Francesco Frondini1 & Stefano Caliro2

CO2 Earth degassing in central Italy: magnitude and relations with the tectonic setting

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 11

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Massimo Conforti1, Federica Lucà1, Fabio Scarciglia2, Raffaele Froio1, Giorgio Matteucci1 & Gabriele Buttafuoco1

Estimating organic carbon stock at soil profile scale of forest soils in an area of southern Italy

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 12

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Sandro Conticelli, Riccardo Avanzinelli, Edoardo Ammannati & Martina Casalini

The role of Carbon from recycled carbonated metapelites in the transition from leucite-free to leucite–bearing ultrapotassic rocks: the Central Mediterranean case

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 13

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Elisabetta Erba

A sedimentary geology perspective of the C cycle

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 14

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Giuseppe Etiope

Geologic emissions of C-bearing gases: CO2 vs CH4 in the global atmospheric budget

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 15

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Giulia Faucher

Sensitivity of coccolithophores to CO2- induced ocean acidification: the contribution of laboratory simulations

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 16

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Chiara Ferré, Roberto Comolli & Edoardo Savino

Study of soil organic carbon dynamics: soil-plant interactions in an alpine grassland

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 17

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Francesco Frondini1, Carlo Cardellini1, Marco Donnini2, Fausto Guzzetti2, Ivan Marchesini2, Jean-Luc Probst3 & Anne Probst3

Chemical weathering and consumption of atmospheric carbon. Examples form the Alps and from Northern Apenine

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 18

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Simone Galeotti

Long-term trends and aberrations in the Late Paleocene-Early Eocene carbon cycle

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 19

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Pier Paolo Giacomoni, Massimo Coltorti, Costanza Bonadiman, Carmelo Ferlito, Beatrice Pelorosso & Luisa Ottolini

Volatile content in olivine melt inclusions from Cenozoic basic lavas of Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica)

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 20

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Chiara Groppo1, Franco Rolfo1, Daniele Castelli1 & Pietro Mosca2

Understanding (and quantifying) the metamorphic CO2-producing processes in collisional orogens: the role of Petrology

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 21

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Marco Merlini1,*, Francesca Sapelli1, Patrizia Fumagalli1, Diego Gatta1, Paolo Lotti1, Simone Tumiati1, Mahmoud Abdellatief 2, Andrea Lausi2, Jasper Plaisier2, Michael Hanfland3, Wilson Crichton3, Julien Chantel3,†, Jeremy Guignard3,‡, Alessandro Pavese1 & Stefano Poli1

Past excess CO2 worlds: biota responses to extreme warmth and ocean acidification High temperature and high pressure behavior of carbonates in the ternary diagram CaCO3-MgCO3-FeCO3

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 22

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Roberto Moretti

Vapor-buffered volcanic activity reveals a unique CO2-rich source of magmatism in Southern Italy

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 23

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Stefano Poli

Carbon mobility by hydrous carbonate liquids at subduction zones

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 24

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Mauro Prencipe1 & Donato Belmonte2

Solvation energy of the carbonate ion: a quantum mechanical contribution

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 25

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Philippe Robidoux

Revision of the problematic for estimating CO2 content from melt inclusions

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 26

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Franco Rolfo1, Chiara Groppo1, Simona Ferrando1, Emanuele Costa1, Enrico De Stefanis1, Daniele Castelli1, Pietro Mosca2 & Krishna P. Kaphle3

Metamorphic CO2 degassing in the Himalayan orogen from past to present

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 27

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Marco Scambelluri1, Mattia Gilio1, Donato Belmonte1, Laura Crispini1, Nicola Campomenosi1 & Gray E. Bebout2

Coupled dehydration and decarbonation reactions in high-pressure ophicarbonate and implications on carbon cycling in subduction zones

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 28

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Carla Tiraboschi1, Simone Tumiati1, Sandro Recchia2, Patrizia Fumagalli1 & Stefano Poli1

Experimental determination of carbon-saturated COH fluids speciation at 1 Gpa

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 29

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Azzurra Zucchini1, Mauro Prencipe2 & Paola Comodi1

Dolomite to dolomite-ii. Phase transition mechanism by ab-initio calculations

Volume: 35/2015      Pages: 30

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