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Supplemento n. 2 al Vol. 35/2015
Edited by: Cesare B., Giordano G., Monaco C., Vaselli O., Avanzinelli R., Bonazzi P., Cappelletti P., Carosi R., Cidu R., Cioni R., Cosentino D., Frondini F., Princivalle F., Viccaro M.
DOI: 10.3301/ROL.2015.131
July 2015
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Plenary lectures

Volume:35/2015      Pages:4-11

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Convenors: Laura Crispini (*), Chiara Montomoli (**), Giorgio Pennacchioni (***)

Session S 1. Mountain building processes: from surface to "deep" Earth.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:12-34

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Convenors: Elisabetta Rampone (*), Paola Tartarotti (**), Alberto Zanetti (***)

Session S 2. Mantle processes and crustal genesis in extensional environments.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:35-55

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Convenors: Giovanni Chiodini (*), Elisabetta Erba (*) e Stefano Poli (**)

Session S 3. The cycles of volatiles: fluxes and processes from the oceans, down to the mantle and backward to the Earth surface.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:56-77

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Convenors: Gianluca Bianchini (*), Daniele Castelli (**), Nadia Malaspina (***)

Session S 4. The subduction factory - a key element in the Earth.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:78-100

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Convenors: Rodolfo Carosi (*), Franco Rolfo (*), Giuliano Panza (**)

Session S 5. Subduction and exhumation of continental lithosphere: implications on orogenic architecture, environment and climate.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:101-118

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Convenors: Donato Belmonte (*), Marco Bruno (**), Simone Tumiati (***)

Session S 6. Experimental and Computational Methods in Mineralogy and Geochemistry.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:119-144

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Convenors: Gaetano Ortolano (*), Cecilia Viti (**)

Session S 7. Microstructures: key to the interpretation of processes

Volume:35/2015      Pages:145-160

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Convenors: Lorella Francalanci (*), Carmelo Ferlito (**), Guido Giordano (***), Claudia Romano (Univ. Roma Tre), Massimo Pompilio (****), Diego Perugini (*****)

Session S 8. Magma chamber dynamics and timescales of volcanic processes.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:161-185

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Convenors: Mauro Coltelli (*), Pierfrancesco Dellino (**)

Session S 9. The role of GMPV disciplines in the definition of volcanic hazards.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:186-196

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Convenors: Marco Pistolesi (*), Roberto Sulpizio (**), Roberto Isaia (***)

Session S 10. Field studies in modern volcanology.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:197-214

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Convenors: Luca Bindi (*), Sabrina Nazzareni (**)

Session S 11. Mineralogy

Volume:35/2015      Pages:215-253

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Convenors: Paola Comodi (*), Luca Ziberna (**)

Session S 12. Mantle mineralogy.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:254-263

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Convenors: Michele Dondi (*), Laura Gaggero (**)

Session S 13. Characterization and use of geomaterials for sustainable industry and the environment .

Volume:35/2015      Pages:264-283

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Convenors: Rosa Cidu (*), Francesco Di Benedetto (**), M. Barbieri (***), S. Tommasini (**)

Session S 14. Environmental Geochemistry and Mineralogy: Natural Environments versus Human Activities.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:284-322

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Convenors: Isabella Memmi Turbanti (*), Celestino Grifa (**), Mauro La Russa (***)

Session S 15. The geosciences for Cultural Heritage and Archeometry: consolidated and innovative approaches.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:323-359

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Convenors: F. Frondini (*), B. Capaccioni (**)

Session S 16. Fluid geochemistry in volcanic, geothermal and seismic areas.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:360-372

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Convenors: M. Busso (*), G. Pratesi (**), A.M. Fioretti (***)

Session S 17. From Rocks to Stars (The Nuclear History of the Galaxy as Written in Solar System Solids).

Volume:35/2015      Pages:373-393

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Convenors: Maria Boni (*), Domenico Montanari (**)

Session S 18. Geological, geophysical and geochemical prospection for economic geology and geothermal resources.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:394-418

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Convenors: Stefano Covelli (*), Franco Tassi (**)

Session S 19. Global pollutants: from mercury to POPs.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:419-434

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Convenors: Marco Bonini (*), Riccardo Caputo (**), Giacomo Corti (***) Agata Di Stefano (****), Fabio Speranza (°), Igor Villa (§)

Session S 20. Active geodynamic processes and stratigraphic record.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:435-459

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Convenors: Marco Pistolesi (*).

Session S 21. Open Poster Session.

Volume:35/2015      Pages:460-473

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