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Supplemento n. 1 al Vol. 36/2015
Edited by: C. Monaco, G. Barreca, R. Cirrincione, G. Ortolano.
October 2015
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Monaco C., Barreca G., Cirrincione R. & Ortolano G.


Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 7

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Adinolfi G. M.1, De Matteis R.2, Orefice A.3, Festa G.3, Zollo A.3, de Nardis R.1,4 & Lavecchia G.1

Deep strike-slip seismogenic source revealed by a small seismic sequence: the Benevento mid-crust fault

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 8

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Arragoni S.*1, Maggi M.1, Cianfarra P.1 & Salvini F.1

Evidence of the Alpine Chain in Eastern Sardinia

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 9

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Balsamo F.*1, Bezerra F.H.R.2, Cazarin C.L.3, Auler A.S.4, Klimchouk A.5 & Nogueira F.C.C.6

The role of mechanical stratigraphy on karst reservoirs development: example from the Campo Formoso caves, Brazil

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 10

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Barale L.1 Giardino M.2, Lombardo V.3, Mimmo D.3 & Piana F.*1

The Piemonte Geological Map informative system and the OntoGeonous initiative

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 11

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Barbero E.1, Succo A.1, Centelli A.1, De Caroli S.1 & Festa A.*1

Tectono-stratigraphic relationships between different units with block-in-matrix fabric in the External Ligurian Units (Curone and Staffora valleys, Northern Apennines): new data from geological mapping

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 12

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Barreca G.1, Monaco C.1 & Pepe F.2

High-resolution seismic survey in the Eastern Sicily offshore: preliminary results from the Etna sector and implications with regional tectonics

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 13

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Basilone L. & Di Maggio C.

Geological and geomorphological maps of Monte Gallo (Palermo Mts, NW Sicily): a cartographic support for the geological heritage of a Mesozoic carbonate platform succession and Quaternary continental to marine deposits

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 14

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Benciolini L.1, Zanchi A.2*, Zanchetta S.2, Martin S.3 & Javadi H.R.4

The Jandaq Complex and theJandaq ophiolites (Central Iran) and their structural setting

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 15

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Bitonte R.1, Pace P.1 & Di Cuia R.1

The impact of cross-strike structures on hydrocarbon migration and accumulation: practical examples from Alpine fold-and-thrust belts

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 16

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Bonanno E.*1, Bonini L.2, Basili R.3, Toscani G.1 & Seno S.1

Fault-related folding in anisotropic rocks: an analog modeling perspective

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 17

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Bonini L.*1, Toscani G.2 & Seno S.2

Geometrical factors controlling seismogenic ruptures: an analog modeling perspective

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 18

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Bove G.M. 1, Cucato M.1, Mair V.1, Malaspina N.2, Morelli C.1, Poli S.3, Tumiati S.3, Zanchetta S.2 & Zanchi A.2

The new 1:25.000 scale Geological Map of the Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano – Alto Adige, Sheet 006 "San Leonardo in Passiria"

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 19

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Brocca M.1, Tamburelli S.1, Maino M.1* & Toscani G.1

Macro and micro-structural and compositional map of a hot fault zone (Monte Fronté thrust, Ligurian Alps)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 20

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Brutto F.1 *, Muto F.1, Loreto M.F.2, Tripodi V.1 & Critelli S.1

Neogene-Quaternary structural evolution of the western Catanzaro Trough (Calabria, South Italy)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 21

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Caparelli S.1, Scicchitano M.R.2 & Piluso E.1

Nature and evolution of the upper-mantle rocks from the Sila Unit, northern Calabria

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 22

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Catalano S.*1, Pavano F.1, Romagnoli G.1 & Tortorici G.1

The age and style of deformation of the external orogenic domains in Eastern Sicily: the Geological Map of the Centuripe-Mt. Judica region (1:25.000 scale)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 23

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Catalano S.*1, Cirrincione R.1, Fazio E.1, Ortolano G.1, Pezzino A.1, Romagnoli G.1 & Tortorici G.1

Paleogene collision tectonics in the Peloritani Mountains: geological and petrographical constraints

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 24

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Cavallaro D.1*, Monaco C.1, Polonia A.2, Sulli A.3 & Di Stefano A.1

Evidences of positive tectonic inversion in the north-central sector of the Sicily Channel

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 25

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Chatelée S.1, Lamarche J.1, Gauthier B.D.M.2 & La Bruna V.3

Fracture Corridors in carbonates: what controls their geometry and architecture?

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 26

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Cianfarra P.1 & Salvini F.1

Fracture intensity distribution in fault damage zone in Svalbard carbonates

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 27

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Cirrincione R.1, Ortolano G.1, Sacco V.1, Visalli R.*1, Fiannacca P.1, Punturo R.1 & Mengel K.2

Microstructural and petrological investigations of a poly-orogenic shear zone: the example of the Castagna Unit - (Sila Piccola Massif)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 28

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Conti P., Cornamusini G., Carmignani L. & Massa G.

A geological transect across the Northern Apennine and insights into its postcollisional evolution

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 29

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Cultrera F.*1, Barreca G.1, Bruno V.2, Burrato P.3, Di Stefano A.1, Ferranti L.4, Mattia M.2, Monaco C.1, Morelli D.5, Passaro S.6, Pepe F.7 & Scarfì L.2

Active deformation pattern in the Milazzo area: merging of marine and onland structural, morphological, seismological and geodetic data

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 30

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D'Ambrogi C.1, Maesano F.E.2, Ferri F.1 & Congi M.P.1

3D geological model and subsurface maps: a case study in the Central Po Plain

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 31

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De Caroli S.1, Succo A.1, Centelli A.1, Barbero E.1, Balestro G.1 & Festa A.*1

Multistage tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Canavese Zone (Western Alps): constraints from geological mapping

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 32

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de Nardis R.1,3, Lavecchia G.1, Romano M.A.2, Peruzza L.2, Priolo E.2, Ferrarini F.1 & Brozzetti F.1

Active deformation field from background microseismicity in a "silent" area of the Apennine seimogenic belt (Sulmona basin, central Italy): data and analyses

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 33

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Di Domenica A.*1, Pizzi A.1, Ciuffi P.1, D'Agostino S.1 & Madonna R.2

Geological-structural control on the formation of the Cavallone Cave (Maiella massif, Central Apennines)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 34

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Fazio E.*1, Ortolano G. 1, Cirrincione R.1, Pezzino A.1 & Visalli R.1

Flow perturbation folding developed under sub-simple shear regime within a crustal scale shear zone (Calabria)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 35

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Fedorik J.1*, Toscani G.1, Bonini L.2, Lodolo E.3 & Seno S.1

Interaction between compressional and transcurrent structures: insights from the Sicilian Channel (Central Mediterranean Sea)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 36

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Ferrarini F.1, Lavecchia G.1, Boncio P.1, de Nardis R.1,2, Pappone G.3, Cesarano M.4 & Aucelli P.P.C.3

Clues of structural inheritance and localized reactivation along a Quaternary active normal fault system (Molise, Central Italy)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 37

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Festa V.*1, Spiess R.2 & Faccenda M.2

Modelling quartz CPOs pole figures from mylonites of a ductile shear zone detected in the Serre Massif (Calabria, Southern Italy)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 38

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Fiannacca P., Ortolano G.*, Zappalà L., Cirrincione R. & Pagano M.

Total Alkali Silica map of the Squillace pluton (central Calabria, Italy): a new automated mapping procedure via kriging interpolation technique

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 39

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Filice F.1, Seeber L.2 & Robustelli G.1

Tectonic and drainage inversions in the Mercure Basin: marking the passage of the Calabria-Apulia oblique collision

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 40

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Fontana E.*1

Tectonic analysis and paleo-stress determination of the upper lava section at ODP/IODP Site 1256 (east Pacific Ocean)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 41

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Gasparo Morticelli M. *1, Sulli A. 1 & Agate M.1

The Marettimo sea-land geological map: tectonic vs. sedimentation in the Egadi Islands (central Mediterranean Sea)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 42

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Grieco D.S.1, Agosta F.1,2 & Prosser G.1

Fault rock texture and micromechanics of extensional faults in Triassic dolostones: implications for porosity evolution within seismic-scale fault zones

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 43

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La Bruna V.1,2, Agosta F.1,2, Lamarche J.3, Prosser G.1 & Viseur S.3

Messinian extensional faulting of the Apulian Platform: new insights from field structural analysis and geological modelling of the Alpi Mt. area (Basilicata)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 44

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Lavecchia G.1, de Nardis Rita1,2, Di Naccio D.3, Ferrarini F.1, Cirillo D.1 & Brozzetti F.1

Active compression in Eastern Abruzzo (central Italy): evidences from geological morphotectonic and macroseismic data analyses

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 45

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Lentini F.1 & Carbone S.2

Use of regional scale geological maps for the detection of deep seated shear zones in transcurrent regime. Examples from Sicily

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 46

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Lentini F.1 & Carbone S.2

Influence of the geodynamic evolution (Tyrrhenian Stage) on the crystalline nappes tectonic pile of the Peloritani Mounts (NE Sicily)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 47

Full Text

Loreto M.F. *1, Brutto F.2, Muto F.2, Armigliato A.3, Pagnoni G.3, Pettenati F.4, Sandron D.4, Tinti S.3 & Zgur F.4

Seismic and tsunami hazard assessment of a nearshore active normal fault compared with the historical Calabria 1905 earthquake (SE Tyrrhenian Sea)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 48

Full Text

Maesano F.E. 1, D'Ambrogi C.2, Toscani G.3, Bonini L.4 & Burrato P.5

Influence of inherited normal faults on active thrust-and-fold systems in the Po Plain

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 49

Full Text

Maestrelli D.*1, Ali J.2, Iacopini D.2, Bond C.2 & Sani F.3

Depicting fluid escape pipes using 3D and time lapses seismic surveys: the Loyal Field (Scotland, UK) case study

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 50

Full Text

Maggi M.1, Cianfarra P.1, Arragoni S.1 & Salvini F.1

Evidence of the fold and thrust tectonics in the Sardinia-Latium-Matese Nappe System predating the Tyrrhenian Sea opening

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 51

Full Text

Malusà M.G. 1, Crispini L.2, Federico L. 2, Piazza M.2, Frattolillo N.1, Milani M.1, Zampicinini M.1 & Capponi G.2

Geological map of a syntectonic sedimentary succession atop an Eclogite Belt: the Tertiary Piedmont Basin of the Ligurian Alps (Italy)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 52

Full Text

Martin S.*1, Godard G.2, Laurenzi M.3 & Viganò A.4

Alpine tectonic activity in the Variscan Austroalpine basement (Eastern Alps)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 53

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Meccariello M.*1, Ferranti L.1 & Pepe F.2

Active thrusting in the NW sector of the Sicily Channel based on multiscale seismic profile analysis

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 54

Full Text

Menichetti M.1

Geometry and kinematics of the extensional structures in the Umbria Preappennines

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 55

Full Text

Menichetti M.1 & Troiani F.1

Structural characterization of the Charco basin and its surrounding areas in the Chihuahua segment of north Mexican Basin and Range Province

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 56

Full Text

Merico A.1,2, Cremona M.3, Ferranti L.3, Pace B.1, Iezzi G.2,4, Colella A.3 & Scafa M.1,2

Textural variations into carbonate fault rocks: the San Benedetto-Gioia dei Marsi (Fucino, central Italy) shear zone in the Venere quarry outcrop

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 57

Full Text

Montalbano S.1, Iacopini D.2 & Maniscalco R.*1

Seismic characterization of fluid escape pipes internal structures and implication for their genesis: example from the Loyal field (West Shetland, North sea)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 58

Full Text

Mosca P.1, Groppo C.1,2 & Rolfo F.1,2

Geological map of the Eastern Nepal Himalaya

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 59

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Napoli G.1, Parrino N.1, Agosta F.2 & Renda P.1

Structural architecture of sheared neptunian dikes: the case of Maranfusa Mt. (Western Sicily)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 60

Full Text

Ortolano G.* 1, Cirrincione R.1 & Fazio E.1

Regional-scale strike-slip tectonics during the evolution of the Palmi Shear Zone (southern Italy, Calabria)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 61

Full Text

Panza E.1,2, Agosta F.1,2, Rustichelli A.2,3, Vinciguerra S.4,5, Prosser G.1 & Tondi E.2,3

Multi-scale fracture stratigraphy of shallow-water, layered, tight carbonates

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 62

Full Text

Pepe F.1, Ferranti L.2, Orecchio B.3, Bertotti G.4, Monaco C.5, Neri G.3, Presti D.3, Sacchi M.6 & Totaro C.3

Geophysical investigation in the Tyrrhenian side of the central Calabrian Arc

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 63

Full Text

Pepe F.1, Nicolich R.4, Ferranti L.2, Monaco C.3, Barreca G.3 & Garau R.1

3D stratigraphic architecture and Plio-Quaternary tectonic evolution of the Paola Basin (Calabria, southeastern Tyrrhenian Sea)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 64

Full Text

Pepe F.1, Dardanelli G.2, Ferranti L.3, Orecchio B.4, Renda P.1, Bertotti G.5, Napoli G.1, Paliaga S.2, Pipitone C.2 & Presti D.4

Active deformation spanning the Palermo-Termini Imerese coast of north Sicily: new insights from integrated GNSS, structural high-resolution seismic reflection and seismological data

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 65

Full Text

Peronace E.1, Galli P.1,2 & Messina P.1

New data on the Late Pleistocene activity, paleoseismology, and seismogenic behavior of the Cittanova fault (southern Calabria)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 66

Full Text

Petrullo A.V.1,2, Agosta F.1,2, Prosser G.1 & Enzo Rizzo3

Age, kinematics and growth mechanisms of subsurface, seismic-scale faults crosscutting Apulian carbonates (southern Italy): inference on fault-controlled lowenthalpy geothermal anomalies

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 67

Full Text

Poli M. E. 1, Monegato G. 2, Zanferrari A.1, Falcucci E. 3 & Marchesini A. 1

Quaternary tectonic activity in the western Carnic Prealps (Eastern Southern Alps, Friuli)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 68

Full Text

Punturo R.*1, Cirrincione R.1, Fazio E.1, Fiannacca P.1, Kern H.2, Mengel K.3, Ortolano G.1 & Pezzino A.1

Relationship between mylonitic features and petrophysical properties within the Kavala shear zone (NE Greece)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 69

Full Text

Rebay G.1*, & Guzzetta G.2

On the effective hydrostatic pressure of which chemical potentials are a function in stressed metamorphic rocks

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 70

Full Text

Regorda A.*1, Marotta A.M.1, Roda M.1, Lardeaux J.M.2 & Spalla M.I.1

2D numerical model of an ocean/continent subduction system: examples from the Variscan crust

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 71

Full Text

Santini S.1, Mazzoli S.2, Megna A.3 & Candela S.1

Thermal structure of the outer northern Apennines along the CROP-03 profile

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 72

Full Text

Scudero S.*1, De Guidi G.1, Caputo R. 2 & Perficaro V.1

Spatial variation of crustal tectonic stress in the southern Calabrian Arc

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 73

Full Text

Somma R.*1, Martín-Algarra A.2, Navas-Parejo P.2,3, Rodríguez-Cañero R.2, Sanchez-Navas A.4, Cambeses A.4, Scarrow J.H.4 & Perrone V.5

New geochronological dating of the Paleozoic volcanism in the Peloritani Mountains (southern Italy)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 74

Full Text

Tamburini A., Tassi F. & Menichetti M.

Fracturing analysis of an Umbria-Marche Apennine anticline

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 75

Full Text

Tassi F., Tamburini A. & Menichetti M.

Kinematic evolution and structural analysis of the Monte Petrano anticline - Northern Apennine

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 76

Full Text

Tognoli J.1, Maino M.1, Toscani G.1* & Seno S.1

Geological and structural map of the chaotic deposits of the Zona dei Lembi Interposti of the Ligurian Alps

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 77

Full Text

Tortorici G. *1, Pavano F.1, Romagnoli G.1, Sturiale G.1, Torrisi A.1 & Catalano S.1

Geological map of the stratigraphic units of the eastern flank of Mount Etna (eastern Sicily, Italy)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 78

Full Text

Valente E.1, Ascione A.2, Ciotoli G.3, Porfido S.4 & Tavani S.2

New data on the late Quaternary tectonics in the epicentral area of the December 2013 – January 2014 southern Matese seismic sequence (Southern Apennines)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 79

Full Text

Valetti L1. & Mosca P.2

Geologic and structural features of the Vallon des Baisses-Mount Chaberton area (western Alps, Italy-France border)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 80

Full Text

Zanchi A.1*, Malaspina N.1, Zanchetta S.1, Berra F.2, Benciolini L.3, Bergomi M.1, Cavallo A.1, Martin S.5, Javadi H.R. 4, Kouhpeyma M.4, Angiolini L.2, Vachard D.6 & Vezzoli G.1

Tectonic evolution of the Carboniferous accretionary units of Central Iran

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 81

Full Text

Zanoni D.1, Gosso G.1, Kuiper Y.D.2, Spalla M.I.1 & Williams P.F.3

Heterogeneous tectonic histories within the Omineca belt, southeastern Canadian Cordillera

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 82

Full Text

Zucali M.1, Spalla I.1, Roda M1. & Zanoni D.1

Contrasting tectono-metamorphic evolutions during Pre-Alpine within the Southern Steep Belt (Central Alps)

Volume: 36/2015      Pages: 83

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