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Supplemento n. 1 al Vol. 37/2015
Edited by: F. Agosta & S.G. Longhitano
November 2015
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Agosta F. & Longhitano S.G.


Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 5

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Ambrosetti E. 1, Martini I. 1 & Sandrelli F.1

Shoal-water deltas in high-accommodation settings: a forgotten depositional environment?

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 6

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Bruneau B. 1,2, Chauveau B.3, Moretti I.2 & Baudin F.1

3D numerical modeling of marine organic matter sedimentation during the Early Jurassic of the Western Europe

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 7

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Brutto F. 1, Muto F. 1, Loreto M.F. 2, Tripodi V. 1 & Critelli S. 1

The role of tectonic accommodation on the evolution of the western Catanzaro Trough (Calabria, South Italy): a multiscale and multidisciplinary approach

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 8

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Casciano C.I. 1, Di Celma C. 1, Patacci M. 2, Longhitano S.G. 3 & McCaffrey W.D. 2

Depositional architectures and facies distribution in turbiditic sandstone channel-fills. A case-study from the Gorgoglione Flysch Formation (Basilicata, Southern Italy)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 9

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Collanega L. 1

Orthorhombic fault systems: insight from the Hoop Fault Complex (SW Barents Sea)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 10

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Conti A. 1

Processing and interpretation of new multichannel seismic profiles. The Central-Eastern margin of the Tyrrhenian basin

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 11

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Corradetti A.

From 2D photographs to 3D fracture characterization. A practical workflow from an inaccessible carbonate analogue in the Sorrento Peninsula (Italy).

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 12

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Croci A. 1

The Messinian mixed siliciclastic-travertine system of the Albegna Basin (Southern Tuscany, Central Italy): an outcrop analogue for South Atlantic continental rift carbonate reservoirs

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 13

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Cruciani F.1

Seismic interpretation of the Lamu Basin gravity-driven deepwater fold-and-thrust belt, developed along the continental passive margin of East Africa

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 14

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Demurtas M. 1, Fondriest M. 1, Clemenzi L. 2, Balsamo F. 2, Storti F. 2, Bistacchi A. 3 & Di Toro G. 1,4

Meso- to microscale architecture of a seismogenic fault zone in dolostones (Central Apennines, Italy)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 15

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Giorgetti C. 1, Scuderi M.M. 1,2 & Collettini C. 1,2

Evolution and potential earthquake-slip behavior of faults in marly limestones: insights from field and rock deformation experiments

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 16

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Hémelsdaël R. 1, Ford M. 1 & Malartre F. 2

Rivers and early rifting: study of ancient rock record and implications for normal fault systems evolution

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 17

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La Bruna V. 1

Structural setting and Messinian extensional faulting of the Apulian Platform (Alpi Mt. sector, Basilicata)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 18

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Lipparini L. 1, Ruggieri R.1, Trippetta F.1 & Brandano M. 1

Unravelling Heavy Oil distribution and its controlling factors in a "frozen" oil Field, through the use of multi-scale scale datasets: the Oligo-Miocene Carbonate Reservoir of the Maiella Mountain (Central Apennines, Italy)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 19

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Maestrelli D. *1, Ali J. 2, Iacopini D. 2, Bond C. 2, Bonini M. 3 & Sani F. 4

Seismic expression of large scale fluid escape pipes using time lapses seismic surveys: examples from the Loyal Field (Scotland, UK)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 20

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Maffucci R. 1

Exploration of medium- and low-enthalpy geothermal resources in the sub-Andean area for the sustainable development of the cities of the Salta province (northwest Argentina)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 21

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Mascolo V. 1

Synthetic seismic modelling of outropping carbonate systems: an application to the Creataceous platform margin of the Maiella Mountain (Central Apennines)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 22

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Meloni D. 1

Plio-Pleistocene shallow-marine carbonate aprons in the Salento peninsula (Apulia, Southern Italy)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 23

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Pace P. 1

Styles and tectonic significance of inversion structures within the Apennine-Adriatic thrust belt-foreland system: implications for hydrocarbon prospectivity

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 24

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Panfili G. 1, Cirilli S. 1 & Frixa A. 2

Integrated palynofacies and lithofacies analyses in paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatological interpretation of Upper Triassic source rocks: the case hystory of the Hyblean Petroleum system (SE Sicily, Italy)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 25

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Panza E. 1

Multi-disciplinary analysis of fractured carbonates at sub-seismic scales

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 26

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Petrullo A.V. 1

3D geological modelling of buried Apulian carbonate

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 27

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Petruzzelli M.

Dinosaur tracksite in the Albian limestone of the Molfetta Quarry (Apulia, SE Italy)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 28

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Schito A. 1, Corrado S. 1, Romano C. 1 & Aldega L. 2

A new multimethod approach for the assessment of thermal maturity in fan-delta systems

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 29

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Telesca D. 1

Contribution of sedimentology in the study of an outcrop reservoir analogue: the example of the lower Miocene shallow-marine mini-basin in the Sardinian Graben System (Italy) as analogue of the Platform-Terrace complex in the Nowegian Sea

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 30

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Todaro S. 1, Hollis C. 2, Zarcone G. 1 & Di Stefano P. 2

Multi-scale dissolution events in Western-Tethyan peritidal carbonates close to the Triassic/Jurassic boundary

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 31

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Teofilo G. 1

Seismic interpretation and 3D modelling of the Tremiti Salt structure ,(Adriatic Sea, southern Italy)

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 32

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Zambrano M. 1

Fault zones characterization and fluid flow numerical experiments in carbonates rocks

Volume: 37/2015      Pages: 33

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