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Supplemento n. 1 al Vol. 39/2016
Edited by: D. Ducci & M. Petitta
DOI: 10.3301/ROL.2016.63
April 2016
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Chunmiao Zheng (*)

Key note: Will the World's Largest Water Diversion Solve the Deepening Water Crisis of the North China Plain?

Volume:39/2016      Pages:8

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Convenors: Alan MacDonald(*), Viviana Re(**)

Session S1.1 - Collective management of groundwater in rural, poor areas: an integrated scientific and Civil Society Organizations CSOs approach

Volume:39/2016      Pages:9-27

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Convenors: Loredana Musmeci (*), Enrico Veschetti (**) Ramiro Castillo (***)

Session S1.2 - Food production, human health and wellness: the role of groundwater

Volume:39/2016      Pages:28-45

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Convenors: Paul Dylan Hynds (*), Antonio Bucci (**)

Session S1.4 - Health impacts of groundwater contamination and sanitary risk assessment

Volume:39/2016      Pages:46-58

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Nico Goldscheider (*)

Key note: Novel experimental and modelling approaches for the characterisation of karst systems

Volume:39/2016      Pages:60

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Convenors: Nico Goldscheider (*), Sergio Rusi (**)

Session S2.1 - Novel experimental and modelling approaches for the characterisation of karst systems

Volume:39/2016      Pages:61-85

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Convenors: Jim Lamoreaux (*), Werner Balderer (**)

Session S2.3 - Mineral and thermal waters: hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry and sustainable management

Volume:39/2016      Pages:86-113

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Convenors: John M. Sharp (*), Francesca Lotti (**)

Session S2.4 - Hydrogeology of fractured rocks: progress in understanding of flow and mass transport

Volume:39/2016      Pages:114-144

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Convenors: Beth Parker (*), Jessica Meyer (**), Christine Stumpp (***)

Session S2.5 - Hydrogeology of aquitards: flow and transport

Volume:39/2016      Pages:145-157

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Convenors: Judit Mádl-Szonyi (*), Lucio Di Matteo (**)

Session S2.7 - Discharge area: a fingerprint of groundwater flow conditions

Volume:39/2016      Pages:158-171

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Convenors: Walter Dragoni (*), Giuseppe Sappa (**)

Session S2.12 - Groundwater Systems Behaviour

Volume:39/2016      Pages:172-192

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Ghislain De Marsily (*)

Key note: Green water, blue water, groundwater: can we use them conjunctively in a sustainable way?

Volume:39/2016      Pages:194

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Convenors: Paolo Fabbri (*), Aurélien Dumont (**)

Session S3.1 - Sustainable yield in groundwater systems: from conceptual model to field experiences

Volume:39/2016      Pages:195-209

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Convenors: Richard Taylor (*), Marc Leblanc (**), Francesco Fiorillo (***)

Session S3.2 - Climate change and groundwater availability: a call for adaptation

Volume:39/2016      Pages:210-241

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Convenors: Rudy Rossetto (*), Peter Dillon (**)

Session S3.3 - Aquifer recharge assessment and storage management: quantity and quality issues

Volume:39/2016      Pages:242-261

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Convenors: Dave Kreamer (*), Zoran Stevanovic (**)

Session S3.4 - Combacting over-extraction: artificial recharge and aquifer engineering regulation

Volume:39/2016      Pages:262-270

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Convenors: Peter Szucs (*), Stefano Lo Russo (**)

Session S3.9 - Extraction and utilization of underground heat: from low enthalpy to high temperature sources

Volume:39/2016      Pages:271-288

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Convenors: Marco Tallini (*), Lucila Candela (**)

Session S3.10 - Sustainable Use of Groundwater

Volume:39/2016      Pages:289-312

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Beth Parker (*)

Key note: Plume Behavior in Sedimentary Rock: Implications for Source Water Protection and Remediation

Volume:39/2016      Pages:314

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Convenors: Marco Masetti (*), Stefania Stevenazzi (**)

Session S4.1 - The consequence of urban sprawl on groundwater resources

Volume:39/2016      Pages:315-323

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Convenors: Ken Howard (*), Matthys Dippenaar (**)

Session S4.2 - Methods in urban hydrogeology

Volume:39/2016      Pages:324-353

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Convenors: Hans Richnow (*), Sebnem Arslan (**)

Session S4.3 - The challenges of source apportionment and managing contamination at complex field sites..

Volume:39/2016      Pages:354-363

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Convenors: Daniel J. Lapworth (*), Massimo Marchesi (**)

Session S4.4 - Emerging organic contaminants in groundwater: sources, occurrence and fate

Volume:39/2016      Pages:364-378

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Convenors: Aldo Fiori (*), Carlos Maldaner (**)

Session S4.5 - Effects of aquifer heterogeneities on contaminant transport: integrated experimental and modelling approaches

Volume:39/2016      Pages:379-397

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Convenors: William D. Robertson (*), Ramon Aravena (**)

Session S4.6 - Impacts of non- point contamination sources on groundwater

Volume:39/2016      Pages:398-414

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Convenors: Neil Thomson (*), John A. Cherry (**)

Session S4.7 - Groundwater remediation: the never ending conflict between pump&treat and in situ treatment

Volume:39/2016      Pages:415-425

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Convenors: Marco Petrangeli Papini (*), Chiara Sbarbati (**).

Session S4.8 - Sustainable technologies for groundwater remediation: in situ strategies for plume containment and source zone removal

Volume:39/2016      Pages:426-433

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Convenors: Wendy Timms (*), Raquel Sousa (**)

Session S4.9 - Mine dewatering and water quality

Volume:39/2016      Pages:434-441

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Rainer Helmig (*)

Key note: Modeling and Analysis of Soil-Moisture Processes in the Subsurface: The Influence of Evaporation and Salt Precipitation in Groundwater

Volume:39/2016      Pages:443

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Convenors: Klaus Hinsby (*), Luisa Stellato (**)

Session S5.1 - Interaction between aquifers, rivers, lakes and estuaries: Flow and Transport

Volume:39/2016      Pages:444-477

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Convenors: Miquel Salgot (*), Lise Cary (**)

Session S5.2 - Integrated surface and groundwater management

Volume:39/2016      Pages:478-501

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Convenors: Bjorn Klove (*), Rim Trabelsi (**)

Session S5.6 - Natural and human induced Impacts on Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems

Volume:39/2016      Pages:502-513

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Convenors: Marco Cantonati (*), Luis Ribeiro (**)

Session S5.8 - Ecohydrology and Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems

Volume:39/2016      Pages:514-527

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Alice Aureli (*)

Key note: UN and UNESCO overview on groundwater policy and governance

Volume:39/2016      Pages:529

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Convenors: Shaminder Puri (*), Teodora Szocs (**)

Session S6.1 - How to link Science and Policy in groundwater governance?

Volume:39/2016      Pages:530-545

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Convenors: Neno Kukuric (*), Gillian Hurding (**)

Session S6.3 - Putting governance of transboundary aquifers into practice; where the hydrogeological and legal meet

Volume:39/2016      Pages:546-556

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Convenors: Mohamed Bazza (*), Manuel Pulido-Velazquez (**), Alain Dassargues (***)

Session S6.4 - Development of decision support systems and aquifer vulnerability approaches for sustainable groundwater management and protection

Volume:39/2016      Pages:557-575

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Convenors: Elisabetta Preziosi (*), Teresa Condesso De Melo (**).

Session S6.5 - The implementation of EU and international water regulatory schemes: experiences and perspectives

Volume:39/2016      Pages:576-593

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Clifford I. Voss (*)

Key note: Density-Driven Groundwater Flow: Seawater Intrusion, Natural Convection, and Other Phenomena

Volume:39/2016      Pages:595

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Convenors: Maurizio Polemio (*), Yoseph Yechieli (**)

Session S7.3 - Salt water intrusion: processes, investigation methods and monitoring

Volume:39/2016      Pages:596-615

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Convenors: Giovanni Barrocu (*), Maria Dolores Fidelibus (**), Matt Charette (***)

Session S7.4 - Management of coastal groundwater resources: drought, tsunami and anthropic pressures

Volume:39/2016      Pages:616-627

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Convenors: Henning Prommer (*), Gualbert Oude Essink (**)

Session S7.8 - Groundwater quality issues in coastal aquifers: Improving our understanding through measurements and modelling

Volume:39/2016      Pages:628-653

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Convenors: Ghislain De Marsily (*) Vincent Post (**), Philippe Van Cappellen (***)

Session S7.9 - Exploitation and management of submarine groundwater

Volume:39/2016      Pages:654-663

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Ramon Aravena (*)

Key note: New Advances on the Application of Environmental Isotopes in Remediation Studies, of Organic Contaminants in Groundwater

Volume:39/2016      Pages:665

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John A. Cherry (*)

Key note: Environmental Issues For Shale Gas Development: A Hydrogeological Perspective

Volume:39/2016      Pages:666

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Convenors: Jesus Carrera (*), Andrea Zanini (**)

Session S8.1 - Advances in modelling and model-related issues

Volume:39/2016      Pages:667-705

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Convenors: Piotr Maloszewski (*), Tirza Contreras (**), Przemyslaw Wachniew (***)

Session S8.4 - Tracer and isotope hydrology

Volume:39/2016      Pages:706-748

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Convenors: Giorgio Cassiani (*), Pete Pehme (**)

Session S8.5 - Hydrogeophysics, remote sensing, and radar technologies: innovative tools and recent development

Volume:39/2016      Pages:749-766

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Convenors: John E. Doherty (*), Eloisa Di Sipio (**)

Session S8.6 - Energy Resources and Groundwater: the Water-Energy Nexus

Volume:39/2016      Pages:767-780

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Convenors: Willy Struckmeier (*), Lucio Martarelli (**)

Session S8.7 - Hydrogeological mapping for sustainable management, protection, evaluation and valorization of groundwater resources

Volume:39/2016      Pages:781-802

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Convenors: Tullia Bonomi (*), Daniel Feinstein (**), Jacopo Borsi (***)

Session S8.9 - Advances in public domain groundwater flow and transport modelling

Volume:39/2016      Pages:803-810

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Convenors: Craig Simmons (*), Rui Hugman (**)

Session S8.10 - New strategies and tools in groundwater monitoring

Volume:39/2016      Pages:811-827

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Convenors: Károly Marialigeti (*), Orphan Shouakar-Stash (**), John Tellam (***)

Session S8.12 - Molecular biology tools, compound-specific isotopes and nanotechnology in groundwater studies

Volume:39/2016      Pages:828-839

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