Complementarietà fra i dati dell'interferometria satellitare e quelli ottenuti con strumentazione a terra sui versanti in dissesto

Luca Dei Cas (a)
(a) ARPA U.O Centro di Monitoraggio Geologico, Via del Gesù 17 231000 Sondrio, Italy. Corresponding author e-mail:

DOI:         Pages: 18-22


Because of the requirement to begin monitoring landslides areas within ARPA Lombardia's geological monitoring network, the Geological Monitoring Centre (CMG) has initiated a project, which, thanks to interferometry satellite analysis, allows investigation over more than 30 monitoring networks within Lombardy. A project requirement is to update movement information in areas where the monitoring system was out of service in recent years, with the goal to evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of the existing ground instrumentation and to assess movement in real landslide areas. Because of the difficult terrain in landslide areas and the requirement for data to monitor minor movements, we choose a satellite interferometry, which acquires data from a COSMO-SkyMed satellite radar detection working in X - band. The investigation has allowed us to update landslide movement data and, in some cases, to expand the coverage of a single monitoring network. The acquired data has also allowed us to better position and optimize existing sensors and to position newly installed sensors.


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